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Published: Thursday 26th of January 2006 11:40:35 AM


Raisa Raisa
Bravo! The white of the panties bothers me a little, the rest is more than beautiful! congrats to teh model! She's lovely!

Randall Paul
You always make me grin John with your simplistic style. Really nice shot and the girl as usual is great. The bikini bottom actually kind of adds to the mood of the moment and the casualness of the image. Even the softer contrasts are an excellent choice giving it that un-worked look. Keep em coming John! RP

Jim Hayes
Dunno, but I think her expression says that she is trying to decide on whether to refill both glasses, or use her charm to make me do the honors, and an honor, it would be. Now excuse me I am off to the kitchen. f/64

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Another great shoot. The relaxed and calm model with a glass of wine..... A fantastic one. The light effect is nice and smooth. But the fingers of the left hand and the placement of the wine-glass is little sidetracker, specially the glass. Its not let you concentrate on the portrait. I may be wrong.... but never mind on that, just my feelings. Rgds.

Markos George Hionos
Is she the greek girl ?-and yes it,s a very peaceful photo !

John Peri
Thanks Randall, that's a nice analysis. I guess easy going is a key word that goes along with this kind of picture.

John Peri
Hello Marko, I have answered you by mail.

John Peri
Many thanks Kaushik. Nothing special about this portrait, but it was a peaceful moment shared together and I feel that her mood is reflected in the photo ..

John Peri
I didn't bother with it and I think it's psychological, because she was wearing a bikini, but thanks for your comment Ana-Maria.

John Peri
Ahhh what an amateur, Champagne David, Champagne not wine ..... :-)

David McCracken
Rather charming.... Yes John! This is a charming photograph of, I am sure, a charming girl. I have to tell you though... if my glass of wine was so empty, I would not look so charming... but you probably knew that.

Ben S
you really get across a long-limbed elegance with this pose, nicely done.

David Keatley
like the relaxed feel to this one

Andras Gyorgy EDLER
Hi John! This is just fantastic. The whole picture is well balanced, every element exactly where it has to be. Great!

John Peri
Discourse on the terrace ... ... with a glass of wine ..

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