Motorbike Melee

by Downs Jim

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Published: Thursday 26th of January 2006 05:46:30 AM


marty golin
I love this image, the mirrors sucking you right into it. Great random pattern of light & dark. If I stumbled on this scene, I'm sure I'd take it (probably crop it differently, but that's just me.) On what is maybe a too-philosophical level, if a similar pattern of wet, shiny rocks leading into a brook were photographed like your image, it would elicit a certain response in many people. That it seems your image would not, I believe, generally be regarded as equally "natural" is something I don't understand. I'll get off my soap box. The bottom line is it's a great image.

David Lacina
Good BUT if it was me, I'd try to have a person/face of a passing men in one of those mirrors, that would be a total 10/10 photo.. :-) Not that it would not be good idea anyway..

Nana Sousa Dias
This is great! Very well seen and done! Should have more comments...

Ronald Marshall - Brisbane Australia
Very good shot. You have a good eye for spotting this.

John Marco
Great! really extrodinary. Good photographers make the ordinary this way!

Karl Schuler
Very original idea. I suggest to make it square by cutting the top most part. Karl

Susan Swolfs
at first I didn't realize what it was, but then it really made me smile. Thanks!

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
very original b/w.... nice shot...

Randy Martin
Very original i love it:) (the comment a few up is completly.....dumb...passing men? how does a photographer make people pass natuarally through a row of bike and get their face in a mirror...sorry i thought it was a bit extreme) anyways great photo...cropping could be bad or good just goot play with it:) keep it up

Jim Downs
Motorbike Melee Reactions? Thanks.

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