Sewing Machines

by Chepikian Paul

sewing machines seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Thursday 26th of January 2006 02:06:13 AM


Elia N.
I love it

j tavares
Paul Chepikian Supperb compo with outstanding light again dear Paul Chepikian! joao

Paul Chepikian
Sewing Machine Repair Shop There it was, in the middle of everything brand new and modern, a store that repaired old sewing machines. It was cramped and it smelled of machine oil. The man who owned the place looked like he's stepped out of a time machine. The sun was beginning to set across the street and the last rays of light were coming over the buildings. I asked him if I could snap some pictures and though he didn't know why and appreared very puzzled, he said to go ahead. I've promised myself I was going to go back there someday with a little more time...

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