ZD 121

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Fashion

Published: Thursday 26th of January 2006 01:12:09 AM


John Peri
Ok, ok ... so I finally removed the distraction ...

John Peri
and it was a tiring afternoon actually in that heat ..

M. H.
Nice composition. A bit over saturated perhaps?

David McCracken
Bottles..... Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour John. If I ever visit you please feel free to lock me in the cupboard with all the bottles.... as long as they are full you understand.

John Peri
Ok David, but frankly as a photographer, I'm disappointed in you. I get more intoxicated by what remains outside. I mean, just look at the Acropolis :-)

Al Li
What... What Acropolis??? I need to travel to Greece... Beautiful and eye catching.

David McCracken
Sorry in advance.... The third one is quite nice but there is a girl in the way!

John Peri
Well, I would better understand the comment on this picture where she competes with the Acropolis, but not in the one that you critique... :-) Interestingly, I stayed in one of the large hotels in Athens where I convinced the barman of the roof garden to close the door and leave me the premises for 15 mins. Actually, it was crazier than that even, I shut him in the store-room where the extra bottles were kept!

Ninoslav Sohrab
Great Shot!!

John Peri
A hot August day in Greece Some may talk about distractions, but then we can all to chose to look at what we want to in a photo ....

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