Pillar of Light

by Chepikian Paul

pillar of light seeking critique chepikian paul

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Category: Architecture

Published: Wednesday 25th of January 2006 10:31:19 AM


Kate Ekberg
Hi Paulie, I'm supposed to be cleaning my house, and have been glued to my computer for hours - your fault! My general (and oh-so-eloquent) comment is "Wow". Your images capture the imagination and inspire stories I want to write. This one created such a sense of whimsy - the little fire hydrant looking up at the glowing giant column, thinking "Someday...". Don't laugh! You ARE lucky, and blessed, and very, very talented. - Kate

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Kate: I never made the connection between the fire hydrant and the pillar but now that you point it out. It's funny how a fresh set of eyes can see new things. You kind words are greatly appreciated.

Paul Chepikian
Pillar of Light Always, always have your camera with you, one never knows when the sun is going to be in the right place...

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