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Gallery: Chinese Acupuncture Doll Factory

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Published: Tuesday 24th of January 2006 11:24:56 AM


Kent B
Paul, I?m very happy to see you posting. I?ll assume good things. Cool shot. Where on earth did you find these beauties? It?s filled with humor and eeriness at the same time. Could you image if this was your job?the mold making part.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks for the kind words, Catalin. I visited your site briefly, I'll need to go back, spend some quality time and comment. The work looks wonderful. Kent, my friend, it's good to be back. Still have residual effects that I will have to cope with but will hopefully be temporary. Now that I have a little more time (I've been told to rest), I can spend more time at the site. The typing is good therapy for my right hand. Thanks for the comment on these beauties. This was a chiropractic doll manufacturind plant in China and YES, it was extremely eerie and provacative at the same time. There were hundereds of these male and female dolls. One of the golden male statues was in my show. It's a Twilight Zone episode waiting to happen. I hope all is well...

Carlos H.
:-)... I flashed simultaneous on a Spielberg sci flick ( I forget the name ) and what the folks describe above. The warriors connection, yes, and also the eeriness about the robotic freaky babes, make this a curious shot.

Paul Chepikian
Chinese Acupunture Dolls Photographed in China. Comments always welcome and appreciated.

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