by Chepikian Paul

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Gallery: Chinese Acupuncture Doll Factory

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 24th of January 2006 11:17:57 AM


Stephen H
An excellent shot- and thanks for actually explaining what they were!

Paul Chepikian
The Golden Boys Puttiing this image in a category was tough for me. I was in China visiting some of the factories I work with. This one in particular manufactures acupuncture dolls. The room was very surreal as it was occupied by these gold men and women. I shot a series while I was there. I take great pride in shooting what is there, nothing was "set up" you see it as I saw it. It's interesting to note that the weather outside was a horrific thunder and lightning storm and there was a very even light throughout the factory. You can see more of these images at my gallery.

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