by Chepikian Paul

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Gallery: China

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Published: Tuesday 24th of January 2006 11:01:20 AM


Jim Downs
How about cropping out the streetlamp and maybe a bit off the bottom

lenora elkin
don't touch it.

Paul Chepikian
I'm with you, Lenora. I like the long shadows in the foreground and the source of the light in the background as well as the buildings showing the viewer what the street actually looked like. Certainly cropping everything but the silhouette is another option but not the one I chose for this particular image. That would make it another image completely. In addition, I tend to rarely crop my images. I would say 99% of my images are what I see in the viewfinder. If I don't see it through the lens, I usually don't take the photograph. Thanks so much for you comment.

Paul Chepikian
An eductated, calculated, grab shot... If you've been a photographer for a while, you know the scenario. I turned and the car was just coming around the corner. I could see the image in my mind, I had only a few seconds to get my act together. It just so happened that my settings were close enough to capture the image you see. An educated guess, experience and luck all came together on a hot, humid night in a back street in Guangzhou, China.

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