ZD 119

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 22nd of January 2006 12:42:04 AM


Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Another beautiful shot. Great pose. Really a very beautiful model. Just pleasant. Rgds.

Jim Hayes
Ok. I got to ask. You say that she is a model. Normally you do not shoot models, but rather women from all walks of life that aren't used to posing or being in front of a camera. It is one of the things I have admired about your ability as a photographer. However, here it seems you have done the exact opposite. Taken a professional and captured her as a friend. Bravo. I learned early on watching your work that it isn't the champagne, it's the intoxicating charm of the moment. f/64

David Cochran
John, a dumb question. What do ZD stand for? I see it in all your photo names. peace

John Peri
David, there is no metaphysical meaning to these letters nor is she from outer space (as far as I know). It is simply my anarchic method of classification, but not that it really helps me in finding photos again when I need them!

John Peri
Jim, you are right on of course, and I do not photograph professional models usually. This one is an exception however that was presented to me by Thomas Dunkerley and I took some pictures of her during her passage through town. She very nicely succumbed nevertheless to the ritual of a glass of Champagne and a long conversation on the sofa. That being said, you are very observant Jim, as I refer to all my models as such for the purposes of this portfolio, so as not to personalize their contribution.

David Blair
Sickly color????? Brown is the new black my man!

David McCracken
I beg to differ.... I hate to interject but I think this lovely young lady must be from another planet. How anyone can look so relaxed on a sofa with such a sickly colour is beyond me. Seriously thought John, I have come to learn you are less caring about critiques and that your presence on P.N is in sharing your work with us. That said, I do think I would like ot see all of the model's right leg and foot.

David Blair
Aha, plying them with that white wine again John!

David McCracken
Appartment change..... John, Changing appartments would be an excellent idea. I think Alex's models are charming..... especially this one.

Jim Hayes
No offence Alex, but I think I could get around John's place blindfolded. But if you WERE to ever swap for a bit, I just want to be there on moving day. That ought to be a sight to behold. f/64

John Peri
DAVID: to answer your remark above, I do not think that I have any set agenda in showing my work on PN. I enjoy the exchanges and have picked up many tips that hopefully will help me to improve my output.

Al Li
John She is lovely. May I please stay at your place in Paris, the views are so much better than the alley way of the hotel I was in the last time I was in town. Would love to see more of her.

John Peri
Well Alex, maybe we could swap apartments for a while ...

John Peri
Wine glass and couch .. a wonderful young model that spent a couple of days in Paris ..

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