The dEathwatcher part II

by Siro Anton Seth

the deathwatcher part ii san disk ultra mb nikon mm f d siro anton seth


Tags: san disk ultra 512 mb san disk ultra 512 mb nikon 105mm f20 dc defocus deathwatcher ii kodak dcs14n seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 21st of January 2006 07:46:26 PM


Juan De Santa Anna
This incredible..awesome masterpiece keeps catching my eye...It reminds me Sir Elton John and his wild glasses.You...Siro are very good!

D. L. Stupski
Finally. Fine Art that IS fine art. Powerful imagery, beautiful tones, and deft handling in the post processing. Like it very much.

Mindaugas Dryza
Hi Siro, Really strong work.

Mona Chrome
I have really enjoyed looking at this photo and your whole series. What I do like, as a sub-issue, is that your title doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the photo. Too many times titles just want to push the viewer into an interpretation of what the photo is about when the real enjoyment of a photo is how the viewer sees it for themselves. Here, I don't necessarily relate to the title, but it also doesn't feel heavy handed. What I like is the ambiguity of what this photo might mean. It's ability to be about or relate to so many things. I think it is very well done, as are all in the series, while each has it's own life.

Ryszard Tychawski
great expression.... ....excellent work...rycho.

Giorgio Marino
Photography? Ecellent PS work!! But is that "photography"? I'm very sorry but in my opinion NO! (my be I'm not able to apreciate.....) Giorgio

Roy Lohr
7/7 "But is that photography?" I think it is time to re-evaluate this question. Digital photography is shifting the whole concept. For me taking a picture by means of whatever, is taking a picture. The act of creating with that image is "Art" Thank you for your act of creating Art.

Seth Siro Anton
THE dEATHWATCHER part 2 deathwatcher part 2 of 4...thanks

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