Roco, Cristina and Jessy (reposted)

by Keller Alejandro

roco cristina and jessy reposted seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Saturday 21st of January 2006 02:14:11 PM


Jack McRitchie
I love the grouping and composition and much prefer this version not only because the figures appear more sculptural but also because it pretty much gets rid of that messy glare on the door in back.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Jack On Jim Adams suggestion, I did another version with a bit of corrected perspective. That will probably be the version that I will print at the end.

Jack McRitchie
Alejandro, I notice you straightened it up some and now it's perfect. Jim Adams is not only a great photographer in his own right, I find him very generous in his comments and support for other photographers.

Sabina D.
Wonderful image! I love your pics with people. When there are also animals, its even better.... This lady has such a classy look and the dogs are posing very naturally. I also love the interiors in most of your pics. Makes me wanna visit those people and get to know them better. Saludo, S.

Alejandro Keller
Nuevamente gracias Sabina it is very nice to hear that, specially when it refers to the people that I care about.

Alejandro Keller
Roco, Cristina and Jessy (reposted) I made some changes to the original post. I'll keep both for discussions and because I appreciate the comments on others gave me. Thanks for looking.

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