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Published: Saturday 21st of January 2006 09:15:06 AM


Alejandro Keller
Thanks Jayme Happy to read that... I like this one myself. It is very old (more than ten years) but brings back a lot of memories.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Photos have a wonderful way of doing that :)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Love the light play! Nice capture :)

Andre Easter
What a wonderful, emotive portrait. Even if this was a spontaneous snapshot, your artistry is very evident.

Alejandro Keller
Thank you Andre for your kind words.

Juan De Santa Anna
Christina Having been concieved in a hamack I needed to comment on this one...What really stands out for me is the fact that she has no need for ratings...she knows that your wonderful images are what make the two of you happy! Any time you want me to give one of your images a rating just let me know...I would be honored. I too have found those numbers to be sometimes evil! Even though I do not always check the box to have my images only commented on...I look for the comments that one day will help me become the best photographer I can be...while having fun.... I think considering the dappled light in this image you have exposed/printed this shot to what I can only get lucky many of your images have such a nice quality about them...such as this one...if this is an old's a no brainer as to why you are so good today...Regards juan

Alejandro Keller
Thank you Juan I have to be honest and say that the exposure of this negative was far from being perfect. Luckily, those kodak films can be so forgiving sometimes (this was one of the last times that I used Kodak Plus-X)... I'll be posting more images soon (?). Dont know if they will be old or new ones. Right now, I am going through this back-to-the-origins phase and want to do some dark room work again... I have not done it in so many years... This has kept me away from working on my images with the computer. Juan, I am happy that you dropped by. You are always welcome to visit, comment or rate any of my images. It is always an honor to have visitors whose images I admire.

Alejandro Keller
Cristina A very old one that I found in my archives. Thanks for looking

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