Oceanic Jam!

by Rafael Ferrando Flores

boceanic jamb sea mediterranean fuji finepix s pro rafael ferrando flores

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Published: Friday 20th of January 2006 04:38:36 PM


JR Bondy
7/7 Great shot, almost feel like I'm on the boat.

Daryl Marquardt
Wonderful! The colors and the sense of movement are great! Nice Job! 7/7

Tomas Winkler
uaaaaaaauuuu :) 7/7

Jonathan Farmer
I am a sailor/photographer and I realy love this shot. 7-7

Alex Salcedo
Impresionante Ferrando! esto es un foton con las de la ley. Que gozada poder disfrutar de un paisaje asi en persona. Me ha gustado mucho :D

John Hamilton
Greetings... Lovely shot. I almost feel I'm there! It led me to your portfolio. I was blown away! Amazing work, I am in awe. As to this one, I cannot fault it in any way. Composition is very good, exposure and DOF are great. I think the flipped version is even better...I noticed that you incresed saturation slightly which brought out the water even more. Also, I'm not sure why but for me, it seems to work better with the boat going from right to left. Strange as i'm right handed and usually do prefer the standard left to right. I'd like to hear other peoples' opinions on this. Anyway...Congrats on this...a well deserved 7/7

Mark Pav
Great shot. Well composed and the exposure is excellent.

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Thank you B, you allready re-added your fantastic numbers, thank you, take on land buddy and let the trip continue Emyr I used a high speed shutter and got myself really "anchored" to deck while pressing shutter! John, good point, initially it did happened to me also, being right handed, left to right usually works better for me, but with the sun to the left, like the other photo taken a bit later, the scene maybe gains in visual tension. What I enjoyed here, apart from the nice remembers and feelings of the navigation, and the fantastic light conditions display with the reflections on deck, main sail and boom, are the splashes on boats hull in starboard and portside, and how they completed the overall composition Thank you all again!

José Miguel Nieto Ojeda
Hermosa composicion y luz de fantasia. Me gusta mucho. Saludos

Adolfo Valente

B Diamond
Why do you keep re-posting this same image over and over?

Susan Stone
Sail away. I often appreciate an image for the symbolism and emotion it evokes in me, this one really hits home about life being a journey and we're all sailing off into the sunset on an adventure called life. As most of your compositions it's perfectly composed and exposed even under challenging circumstances. There's something so expansive about the sea that's good for a persons soul.

Kevin Abato
7/7 Awesome color and movement. I love the spray of the water and sunset sinking into the clouds. The shot is so crip and full of life. Excellent work!

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente luz, color y encuadre, saludos.

Dennis McKenzie
great shot Being a sailor for some 20yrs I really like this shot. well done!

Juan Pavon
Ciertamente parece que vas en el barco rumbo a la luz, muy buena Rafael.Saludos

Kalaga Venu Madhav
7/7 Xcellent...again.

Peter Mead
I feel vain just to comment on this shot, it is so good. The way the sea breaks on the hull and the gold splash on the teak and the long, leading boom add sensation to the image. Having a sunset to sail to, ahh, would but life be that clearly mapped! This is one of those images where excellent technical use of the photographic medium drives the communication. It is so often the case that superior technical rendition, employed for its own sake, only sterilizes.

Charles Hardwick
Wow!!! May I ask what lens you used to capture this angle? The image leaves me with little to say (speackless)... Simply great! Thanks, -Tex

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Thank you all your valuable and great input is really appreciated Charles, the lens I used was a Nikkor 20mm Thank you again

Leon Forado
verdaderamente espectacular los coloridos del cielo y su reflejo en el barco. Enhorabuena por la foto

Michael Anderson
Wow! I feel like I'm right in there with you! Fantastic all around.

Emyr Thomas
we are sailing...! The sharpness of this image is amazing. Not easy to take im sure when the boat as rocking about. The way the lower sail reflects the sunset gives this photo a brilliant balance. Great job!!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Oceanic Jam! Thanks for your feedback!

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