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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 20th of January 2006 12:37:32 PM


John Peri
Well, the "power of persuasion" is largely due to people like yourself, since I can show these comments to my models and demonstrate how well some of their pictures are received. It's a two edged sword however when personal critiques are addressed at the model or her anatomy. These girls that are mostly students and young professionals accept to be photographed because they consider that their images will be examined as art, and not as photos appearing in a men's Magazine, hence my remark in introduction to this picture. I know that such remarks as this can be perceived as irritating, but I have to protect the interest of my models or the source that you refer to will soon dry up. Many thanks for the encouragement Michael.

John Peri
I removed this photo earlier because of a personal remark made about one of the models that would have considerably hurt her feelings when she saw it. Of course people must be free to say what they wish, but I do maintain that the purpose of a photo discussion group is to comment on the qualities of a picture and not the intimacy of their subject, particularly when it concerns glamour and nude photography.

Alon Eshel
Very interesting composition . I think that if the girl in the front didnt smile the atmosphere was better . I like it a lot anyway , good work

Alberto Quintal
To me it is very well done!!! Alberto.

Pat Merz
hm ... yet again, my fixation with narrow DOF ... I think the image could have become even more powerfull if the model in the background was more out of focus. It would have added a little mystery to the whole image ... but, again, just my humble opinion.

Michael Sebastian
welcome back Jon, it seems that viewers in the throes of some kind of passion can say stupid things. The passion is understandable, the words less so. This is a technically beautiful image, as are 99% of yours. I'm still deciding whether the two-women-in-one motif works for me. Nonetheless, they are beautiful and appealing women who appear to be enjoying themselves. What more could you ask? I'm still amazed at how many different gorgeous women are willing to undress so you can photograph them. I mean nothing salacious in this comment. I hope your powers of persuasion, and of depiction, never wane.

John Peri
Interesting comment Pat, thank you.

oscar arias
emotion I see different reactions here, the girl in the front is telling me "hello" , she is happy, she knows she is pretty. The girl in the back is shy, sad, maybe she is does not want me to look at her, she is sayin "go away". What I want to say John is that your pictures evoke emotion, that is not easy. Congratulations

Raymond Elstad

I'm really liking the deminishing size of the figures in a classic example of Western Perspective, another rule created by dead white men :=} I like the way you've broken up the space too along with the frames within the frame that isolates the figures frome each other.

As to the removal and reinsertion of the image... I go through long periods where I submit nothing for critique because of comments both ignorant and downright stupid. There are some posters on this site who think themselves god's gift to critique. Often I think the less said the better said and I do wish they would bite their tongue.

That being said, I also enjoy meeting and making friends such as yourself John. Thanks for all you do and who you are!

Cheers, Raymond

John Peri
Bathroom scene .

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