A Million Dollar Smile

by Downs Jim

a million dollar smile tunisia seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Africa - Tunisia 12/04 & 1/05

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Category: Portrait

Published: Friday 20th of January 2006 04:57:36 AM


Chris Latham
A little bleached for me (flash?) and to have had the eyes open would've made this shot perfect. I love the personality that comes through the shot though. Have you considered a B&W alternative?

Alexander Kharlamov
I don't know if it is to laugh or cry lookin at this..or the bouth. Great (ugly) shot! I'm thinkin about a 1/7...but this is a well executed work, so it's 5/7 for me. Best regards!

Maria Iglesias
perfect. it gives fear. :-)) 7/7

Jeff Moody
as with many of your other shots, great color and wonderful spontenaiety (sp). I especially like the way it lines up with your middle finger shot when looking at your entire portfolio. makes for a humorous "dyptich"

Terry Foster
Nice shot Jim, great capture. I wonder if this old lady would have done the same thing as the Boys in the shot before this one, when she was there age?

Jim Downs
Elderly Tunisian Villager thoughts?

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