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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 20th of January 2006 12:23:40 AM


David Falk
the one breast is a nice effect

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, What a relaxation. Its charming, really I mean that. Most adding part (for me) is the little bunch of hair fallen in her face and the black strip carelessly fallen in the right side of her. I don't know it will be accepted by all or not, but it made this one a CARELESS BEAUTY. Love it at the best. Rgds.

Kaushik Chatterjee
SORRY JOHN, Couldn't rate it 7/7, because of this message"The owner of this photo has rated 3 of your photos with a 7 during the last fourteen days; and you aren't allowed to reciprocate so soon."

John Peri
Thank you Kaushik, but it's just an average photo, really.

W J Gibson
dark, dull, not exactly in focus....not your usual high standard

John Peri
Fair enough, thank you, a very average photo (if not less!) as I commented above. It's nevertheless useful sometimes to post incomplete work in order to receive ideas .... admittedly, I am into dark environments for the moment, the model somehow becomes more prominent, but I agree that lots of other things could be improved in this photo. Many thanks again.

Lovely 7/6 nude - lovely expression - good atmosphere - beautiful

David McCracken
Doubt..... Solitude? Don't tell me you set the camera on a tripod and left the room! I would believe a lot of things but even I have my limits.

Charming..... as ever.

Bill Foster
just beautiful. What an expression! Well done.

David Cochran
Hi John, I do not know if you altered the tones before I post but here it is. I don't find it dark at all.I find it just right. I can see subtelties in tone on her skin, the blacks are just perfect. I don't need the background to be brighter or, for that matter, darker. The pose is like a dream. I say this with the outmust respect to your work but specilly to the model, it is how I envision someone that I'm deeply in love waiting for me. Your use of the fabric, falling from her right shoulder and pulled on her left arm gives a great balance on high tones and low tones. You are lucky to have such a beautiful model and she is lucky to have one of the best, if not the best nude photographers around. I said it before John, your work stands appart from other photographers and it carries your vision, which I have not seen elsewhere. It is a Perie. peace

John Peri
Thank you Thomas. I mentioned you in my latest posting and your kindness in sending me the model. Actually, this young lady above laughed at me when I first told her that I wanted to photograph her, you can't be serious she replied, adding scornfully ... no way!

Thomas Collins
Very nice John. A lovely model obviously very relaxed in your company.

John Peri
I've been away for a couple of days David. Thank you for a very kind, even though excessively flattering comment.

Alex R.
Lovely nude

Very erotic photo, I think that if her left foot had been more on the point such a dancer it would have been even sexy. Best regards, Frédéric. I like very much this nude.

John Peri
Solitude .

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