Idealized portrait of Jessy with Roco on the background

by Keller Alejandro

idealized portrait of jessy with roco on the backg seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Thursday 19th of January 2006 08:30:11 AM


Alon Eshel
That's a beautiful capture , so human . the crop of Roco feet is a bit disturbing

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Alon. About the crop... what can I say? after all, who is the star here? Kidding, it would probably have been better with Roco full in frame. Jim, I meant to say that I am a fool for dogs myself.

Alejandro Keller
Well David, you are probably the guy with the most impresive collection of cameras that I know. Any suggestion? I would love to try LF... Who knows, maybe soon.

David Cochran
I do not own a LF yet. That is my next move, maybe by the summer. I have been looking at the Osaka but it is more for aesthetic reasons more than anything else. paz

Alejandro Keller
Jim I knew, already when I took this picture, that you would bite on this bait. ;-) I am glad you like it. Alejandro

David Cochran
This one is just simply wonderful! I applaud you. paz Jim is right, you and your Hassie have become one. It is time to get to another format so you can feel uncomfortable again LOL...

Alejandro Keller
Jessy posing Pets? right, as if we were the ones that choose them... Thanks for looking.

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