by Arman Zhenikeyev Novic

porcelain seeking critique arman zhenikeyev novic

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Published: Wednesday 18th of January 2006 10:14:35 PM


Todd Laffler
Great... Really elegant and creative image. I love the milky tones and the eye peeking out. Really nice work.

Nirupam Biswas
Splendid! Very original composition! Great work.

Lawrence Ripsher
Stunning high key image. Great work

Marco Giardini
beautiful but is a deja vu......here on photo.net. .oesse.

Patrick R.
nice one Novic, minimalistic like I love it. reminds me of one of sascha h�ttenhains works. kindest regards,

Stephen Buhagiar
powerful image. 7/7

Novic Arman Zhenikeyev
Porcelain Porcelain

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