The elements

by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

the elements nikon mm f af ed horse arabian fuji s fu kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: nikon 80-200mm, f28 af ed elements horse arabian fuji s2 fuji s2 pro seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 18th of January 2006 02:46:06 AM


Sulung Cendana Tjin

It is AWESOME !!

Pawel Czapiewski
Wojtek, few works in this folder are among the best horse images i've seen. Both thumbs up from this viewer. Regards,

Linda Cruz
7/7 excelllent and very art

Bob Brins

Jarek Wyganowski
7/7 Wojtek! This is stunning! This one is the best horse photo I've seen. I love it - everything - the horse his dynamics, the dust, colors, the glow on his skin, the DOF. Simply superb. I could not resist to rate it :)

Philip Doyle
Wow, amazing light, dynamic pose, and mottled background.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Very very good.

Allen Yang
Flawless! This is a photo from the god! 7+++/7+++! At the first sight, I thought this was a painting by a traditional-style Chinese artist -- Beihong Xu. Truly remarkable.

Mark P.
I'm a horse guy. I ride often, and break them in my spare time. My problem is that (as a camera junkie) I can't take seem to take shots like this. This is a beautiful shot. Simply incredible. Please post more!!!

Jim Kerr
This is so good, at first I thought it a painting by one of the masters, perhaps the best photograph of a horse in motion I've ever seen.....Congradulations.....Jim

carlos duran
maravillosa foto.perfecta luz,composici�n,tratamiento del color,fondo. enhorabuena

Sasho Alushevski
the elements ha? ...well-PERFECT

Jason Newell
POTW 4 sure!

Jason Newell

Hannu Eskelinen
Very good manipulation...

Mike Gal

Ken Thalheimer
Simply fantastic!

Umair Ghani
10+10 one of the best @ PN...!!!!

A.K. Sircar
Excellent! A masterpiece image. Bravo!

Paco Hernando

Chris Allsebrook
Stunning, love it

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
Just the stallion... Comments greatly appriciated, thanks for your time

George Huczek
Bravo! Excellent work.

Miguel Boyayan
Good, good job!

Longtang Lin
7.7 every aspect of this phot is good. It \deserve 7/7 Longtang John Lin

Bill Foster
This is the first 7/7 I've given in a month .... and I rate a lot of photos. I cannot say enough about this. Perfect composition, perfect PS work. Absolutely stunning. You can make serious money off this, I would imaging. May I ask exactly how you treated this?

Wernher S
Superb, superb, superb! It looks like a painting!

stane crnjak

nikolai jerabek
absolutely awesome; best regards nj

Pulok Pattanayak
A Masterpiece.

..... nic dodac nic ujac.... pozdrawiam Adrian

Alin Balanean
Simply beatiful! Wonderful work!

Bora Benic
7/7 PERFECT.Best regards.BoraBenic.

Dimityr Ermenkov

Arnab Pratim Das
Perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.

Yuri Bonder
7/7 7/7

Leonora Parker
It is absolutely wonderful! I cannot imagine how you get the be "there" at that moment.

Szymon Gdowicz
znakomite 6/6

Lissa Hatcher
7/7 STUNNING I love the bowed head ...

Kaushik Chatterjee
Wojtek, No words...... only 7/7

Vladimir Georgiev
I like your colours ! 7/6

Inge Kirsi
7/7 I just admire the dynamic cathed in the moviments - this is valid for all the gallery you have. i can almost feel all the passion and fire running in the venes, just leaves me breathless

Janet Cull - Western NC
So powerful and gorgeous!!

Kristina Buceatchi
7/7 wonderful..

Ola Svanberg
Absolutly amasing!! Fantastic foto!!

Greg Taft
Outstanding These images are fabulous.

Michael Nigro
I agree with all the above statements. This is spectacular in every way. Composition is true to the grid and exposure is perfect.

Olivier SIMON
Piece of art Beautiful picture ! It looks like a paint, a masterpiece I'm really stunned by your work Best regards

J-F Vergel
WOW! This reminds me of a Remington painting. It's been said before... Stunning!

wayne g
Excellent! I have never taken the time to comment on a photo before but I did with yours because it is just awesome! Wayne

Greg S
This is beyond great... and you did it with a Fuji S2! (my cam :) Nice work! -Greg-

Andy Wilkes
Once again - Possibly the best image of a horse in graceful motion, in any medium. Yes it looks like a painting by a master.

Greg Scott
Incredible This is also the best horse image, painting, sculpture, or photograph, that I can recall having seen, except perhaps a pegasus might be as good, maybe. This is an amazing photograph, and powerful beyond my ability to comment meaningfully.

Sharon Jackson

Nicholas Bryant
7/7 speechless ;)

Carlos Ramirez
7/7 My favorite. Great shot of a bay Arabian.

nesa asgari
Actually i cant understand if it is taken by camera just.i mean it has a nice style but i mind its not a photoghraph itself.

Aimar Fraga
I'm trying to find some words to say about this photo but... it's quite difficult to me. It's like a dreampicture, only sensations...

Yuri Bonder
7/7 7/7

Mark Anthony Kathurima
This is a work of art. A masterpiece...

Mark Anthony Kathurima

David Burnett
This is great I am now into taking photographs of horses. I love wildlife photography - I now know what I want to take pictures of!!!! Thanks mate Dave

Dave Deacon
Beautiful This is a truly excellent horse shot full of contrasts. It looks as though painted by some great artist.

Paul Townsend
I'm absolutley stunned. How?

W. F.

Brendon Cullinan
In a world so full of cynicism and pain, it is a relief and a rest to cast my eyes upon this artistry. What beauty!

marcin lewandowski
niesamowite Wojtek. Niesamowite zdjecia. spojzalem dzieki nim calkiem inaczej na mozliwosc sfotografowania konia, a w Irlandii gdzie mieszkam jest ich dosc sporo :) brak mi slow na "krytyke" tych zdjec ale chyba mozna nimi zamknac usta wszystkim, ktorzy nie chca zaliczyc fotografii do sztuki. pozdrawiam serdecznie Marcin

D. L. Stupski
No critique necessary. You don't need one on this beauty.

Rene Chow
EXCELLENT excellent ART!

Zoran Rosomanov
Simply breathtaking! Excellent everything!

James Heal
Superlatives are so often dished out but this deserves them fully! The dynamism and artistic quality of this shot is truly remarkable!

Kevin Ng
Too good to be real. I thought it was a painting and then it transformed in front of my eyes. Incredible! And what else can I say.

Therese R (Maryland)

marcello rodarte
AmAAZzIINnGGGGggG!!!!!! 8/7

Heinz Homatsch
simply great! My first 7/7

Erin Butler
motion and light Your photos, beyond being technically outstanding, are gorgeous to me because they capture the essential beauty of the horse in motion. Many people take pictures of horses, but you have the arch of the neck, the fineness of nostrils and eye, the power of the hindquarters, so beautifully rendered, it is stunning. I wish I could see full-size prints.

Dariusz Ceglarek
Ronceval It is nice to meet you and your photos here. I'm very proud because you do the best job to show that polish school of photography isn't bad. Your horses looks like on Kossak paintings. [in polish:] Zycze Ci samych sukcesow.

Kevin A
Absolutely flawless spectacular exposure!

Maria Rita Valenza
Ciao Wojtek, sono senza parole, una foto davvero stupenda!

Ken Simm
Epona I can't follow what everyone else has said other than sheer motion poetry. Its not often you have to search for prose that comes anywhere near the perfection of such a work. I speak as a rider, a photographer and a painter. Ken.

Santosh Devdas
Excellent. Your horse images are unique.

Kaczyńska Anna
Bardzo piekne zdjecie pelne dynamiki. Gratuluje tak wspenialego tematu i przepieknego zdjecia.

Jacqueline Anderson
just amazing! such power and grace....

philip gleeson

Adam Sewastianowicz

Richard Wells
Never have i seen so much positive comment and so well deserved

Michael K
Is this a photo or a painting? You should probably post this on a fine-art website. I can't see any photographic qualities in this.

beautiful comments such as "beautiful" is not enough fom me...This looks absolutely painterly...What I want to know is the secret behind the image...Please discuss them if possible...excellent!

Ela Jakiela
To jest najpiekniejsze zdjecie konia jakie kiedykolwiek widzialam, wspaniale, poprostu zadziwiajace.

Ozgur Donmaz

Marga dD
Masterpiece! Superb! There are no superlatives enough to express the feeling one gets with this photo.

T. Polak
I know it's probably all been said before, but your work is true artistry.

Mahsa Askari
Masterpiece Absolutely great shot! Everything is perfect: pose, head tilt, illumination, framing and background. The vividity of motion is incredible. Tnx !

Kevin Smith
The Elements POWERFUL. And astonishing photography. I hope that you were not trampled! On of the great horse images I have ever seen in my life. Composition and lighting is unreal. The horse out of another dimension. Kind of like what you would envision with Rod Serling's ?Twilight Zone? This is my first time to post here on this forum. Is this photo available to purchase? I have a friend that is close to eighty years old and has a horse farm in Nova Scotia for breeding race horses. I just know that he would just stare at this wonderful photo of yours for years to come. Unbelievable talent on your part. Thank you! -Kevin Smith

Zaw Latt
Zaw Latt Oh! I thought it is a Painting! A breath taking shot... please post more and thank you very much for sharing.

Nick Cagouras
Bravo ! Reagards ! Nick.

Michael Lyons
7/7 Breathtaking--ML

Clayton Bramlett
Wonderful work, Very strong preasents and feeling in the image .

Hua Qianqian
Excellent! It looks like a traditional Chinese painting.

Omar Havana
Wow I have no words, just no words to say anything about this masterpiece, please can you be my teacher, thanks

Jaroslav Beno
Well done It's a really beautiful picture.

perfect i love this photo. best one of a horse in motion i have ever seen. i am an artist & i was wondering if i could have your permission to paint this someday? thank you elena

Zacarias Mata
Excellent work!

Ulrika Forsstedt

Yicheng Zhang

Ken Liong
fantastic painting! oops i meant photo!

tamara muro

Carole Hibbert
I come back to this photograph time and again. It is truly superb - one of the best I've seen on Rgds Carole

Leon Forado
Excellent job like always. Fantastic

Trish vandenBerg
wow...what a shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! takes my breath away !!!!!

Vallery B
SPEECHLESS ...I am..... a definite off the chart 10/10! vallery

Nadeem Khawar
What a shot. Excellent.

Ali Kuyumcuoglu
Excellent Just like a painting. Wonderful..

Ram Chatty
This is awesome. Initially, I thought this was a painting. Fantastic !!

Sergio Moreira
excellent... ...I agree with all comments, however in manipulation department [to make background vanish...] the arabian's back legs seem to be thinner than it might if the artist (photographer) had lost sense of proportion during PS post-production so far. Arabian horses are prophet Mohamed's best creation, and they are perfect, would its back legs be so slim? Anyway, the prime shot's absolutely perfect! Sergio Moreira

I can feel the tremor from his strong steps. WONDERFUL, I wish I could make this Big picture and put on my wall. absolute 7/7

Danop Dharmaraksa
HOLY HORSE! HOLY HORSE! This is stunning! Truly beautiful, very painterly, very powerful!

Lennart. K.V. Bardal.
This is a very successful image, almost a masterpiec. Very beautiful. Regards LKV.

Michael Nigro
This should be a POW. Wake up Elves!!!!!

Ivan Pattiasina
Beautiful shot!

Maciej Gawrysiak
down on my knees brawo, beautyfull... gratulacje

RT. van Genugten
Horse Work of Art!

Mujahid Awais

Nedine O'Brien
Oh my. . . Just spent the last ten minutes reading through the comments on this image and they've left me nothing to say except. . . well. . . nope it's all been said, but well done! This image hits you right between the eyes, just after it hits your heart. It's not often I have an emotional response to an image, but this one really got me. Well I'm off to see the rest of your portfolio. Thank you so much for sharing. Kind regards Nedine

gabriela boit
impresionante !!!! las fotos de animales no me llaman la atencion especialmente, pero esta es magnifica.. felicitaciones

Miguel Alonso
Wow que linda fotofrafia felicidades.... mexico.

Elf Kerben
wow really dynamic shot

roxanne jannette
movement i love the movement in the photograph

Adam Zyto
One in a million Perfection. A one in a million shot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Walter Lynch
For Sale? This should be a a motivational or inspirational style print/photo. I am sure this could be marketed. I love it.

Maija Athena
Beautiful I knew whose work this was just looking at the thumbnail. As usual, beautiful work. All of your horse portraits are wonderful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing, Wojtek.

Shantanu Sane
Speechless !! This one is just stunning !! Makes my emotions flow..... can you PLEASE post what camera / Lens / settings you used to get this shot? Also, I love the background.....but I dont know what exactly you have done here... This is a true masterpiece..... Cheers Shantanu

wim puts
Almost a painting. Great.

Jenny Gandert
Your work is incredible... a new goal to "shoot" for in 2010!

Eric Wéry
Perfect result

Amazing image, all i think has been already mentioned, but the tones are perfectly chosen, it might have not worked so well with other shades. Congratulations on your masterpiece.

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
:) Thanks for your time.

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