Dancing with wolves

by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

dancing with wolves fuji s pro nikon mm f af ed kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: dancing wolves fuji s2 fuji s2 pro nikon 80-200mm, f28 af ed arabian horse seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Tuesday 17th of January 2006 02:11:24 AM


Ciprian M
I like the picture as a whole and mostly what you did with it,I found many of the other pictures with horses very good also. Ciprian.

Birte Ragland
Very moving photograph, the title is very apt.

George Pennington

Jarek Wyganowski
Great art. The horse seems to be glowing on this photo. Very dynamic.

Alec Ee
Lovely capture, very natural

Greg Taft
Very powerful Great Image.

Natasha Gudermane

Dan Brown
Stunning. Bravo!

wowwww! 7/7 very impressive.Congrat...

Javed Rassi
Fantastic Image Wojtek.

Paulo Gama
awesome catch!!

Askin Senel
action... Wojtek, I love horses, and I liked your work. Not specific to this photo, but most of your horse photos are very nice. I wish I had a better resolution of some of them to get them printed and hang on my walls. Thanks for sharing your very nice work.

Thomas K
Always wondered what set all your horses to moving. (and I'm a dog man.)

ravi fernandes
mind blowing

Joao Pereira
F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !! Congrats, Wojtek

Sam Rockwell
F-A-B-R-I-C-A-T-E-D I do believe that this picture is FABRICATED!

Trudy Loosman
love this shot! well captured! :D

Amol Khedgikar
graceful I love the grace in the horse's eyes. Fantastic!

Leith Bornstein
Wonderful capture

Rodislav Driben
!!! Amazing shot!!!

Mary Dineen
beautiful work

Murat Yassa
it is an excellent picture!! very well done.. perfectly, what can i say more:) and i agree with Asier Zubiaga Monsalve, about strentghen of expression of the horse, but i would still like to see the wolf at left totally (with butt:))

Fred Young
Just an excellent capture.

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
The horse and dogs only ?... Comments greatly appriciated, thanks for your time

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