Where's MY worm?

by Downs Jim

wheres my worm robin baby seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Tuesday 17th of January 2006 02:22:20 AM


S Spencer
I think it's a matter of what you prefer. I would like it if all were in focus, but it's quite a capture either way.


Birte Ragland
I think a bit of PS would work magic on this image, crop bottom til just below birds closed eye, darken slightly and then use the blur button to get rid of all the spots in the blurry part.Its a unique shot and I think worth a bit of work.

Karthik Siddhun
Beautiful image. Very rare to get this kind of subject. Tough job! Thanks for sharing with us. I rate 7/7

Mihir Shah
Jim..its an excellent capture...how close were you? as for the blurred chicks...i IMO sharper would have been better but as said above not many get the chance to capture then like this. nice shot.

Jim Downs
Mihir I was about 12 inches away from the nest standing on top of a toilet and shooting thru a tiny window that lets natural light into the room. The nest was on a brick ledge abutting the window. Now you have the gruesome details!

Jim McConnell
Very good shot, sharper would be better, but this ain`t bad atall!

what a great shot! I agree that it would be even better if everything were in focus, but sometimes you just have to deal with what you've got! cb

Johnny Villaronga
7/7 If they were in focus, still an ok shot! Thanks for the comments!

Jim Downs
Seeking guidance Does the blurred focus on the two baby robbins in the foreground detract from this photo? I had my Dimage A2 set to autofocus. The nest was on a a brick ledge below a small slot window in the half bath of my residence. Had to shoot through a pane of glass and there was debris from the nest on the lower part of the window in front of the birds in the foreground. I'll appreciate all suggestions on how to handle a situation like this.

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