The daughter

by Keller Alejandro

the daughter seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Monday 16th of January 2006 07:58:26 AM


Alejandro Keller
Alon Now that you mention it, I did use mostly B&W down there. Colors are really cautivating down there (I always think about your market series). But, somehow, I have the impression that lots of details are lost when you do color. It is probably just me who has no experience with color... the funny thing is that I had a second film back with me, in order to do both color and B&W, but it had a problem already on the first week. After that, it was only B&W.

Alon Eshel
Beautiful expressions . Great b&w shoots you took in Mexico

Stefan Rohner
very proud... Ajenadro, maybe light up a little the middle tones... regards Stefan

Alejandro Keller
I do not know Stefan. I really appreciate critical suggestions, specially comming from you, but I did play a bit with it and dont seem to do it better (the way I tried, at least). I did set the contrast a bit up and that may highlight the midle tones a bit... the problem is that these are very dark skinned people -not black, but not far from it- and the face of the child is in comparison too white. Difficult to mix both... at the end, this negative has a tragic history. I gave it to a lab when I was still in Oaxaca and they ruined it. This is what I could do with the part that I could rescue... a lot of contrast was lost :-(

Alejandro Keller
The daughter's eyes... exactly like her mother's. Taken at the lunchroom Maria Teresa.

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