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Published: Sunday 15th of January 2006 02:23:01 PM


Alejandro Keller
Hey Jack Thanks for the comment. One question: do you find the image too dark? I did played a little with it (the negative has enought information for several choices). At the end, I keeped the sky with its texture even if the skirt and the feet became a little dark (could, of course, play with PS. But I want to keep the "realism" as much as possible on this collection). What do you think?

Jack McRitchie
Who cares what the category, it's a solid, evocative shot.

Jack McRitchie
Alejandro, it's good just as it is; not too dark, at least on my monitor. Great depth to this photo also.

Alejandro Keller
Good to hear that I thank you both.

David Cochran
Alejandro, on my monitor it looks great. Jack said it all. peace

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
Yo tambien la veo bien. Tal vez me hubiera gustado ver tambien el segundo poste completo. Un pasito pa' tras y a la derecha.

Andre Easter
7/7, and if there were higher ratings it would be 10/10. I think that you are the Manuel Alvarez Bravo of your generation. This photograph proves your artistry is second to none.

Alejandro Keller
Andre, that is quite a compliment... What is left after such a comparison? In any case, I thank you very much.

Alejandro Keller
Andre Such comparisons set a big responsability on my side. I thank you once more for your kind words, and I'll tell you what: If I ever publish a book, I'll send you myself a dedicated copy.

The others are a Basque, a Portuguese, a Texan and an artist who is famous for his Polaroid nudes. Let me guess who they are... At this point, just let me change the end of your sentence to "a North Carolina artist who is famous for his Polaroid nudes". Indeed a great guy ;-)

Andre Easter
Alejandro, that was not an idle compliment on my part. I meant it. It surprises me still at the amount of international talent shown by members of Photonet. It surprises me even more to be in such esteemed company when I do not deserve to be here. There are at least five Photonet members who I feel are inferior to no other photographers currently living. You are one. The others are a Basque, a Portuguese, a Texan and an artist who is famous for his Polaroid nudes. The five of you are an incredible inspiration to me and I always use up my quota of 7/7's quickly when any of you make new postings. Your portfolio consists of superb examples of fine-art photography which only masquarade as snap-shots. Or this series; Mexico in squares. Each photo here vibrates with soul of its own. Your portraits of Maritza are as sensitive and beautiful as any portrait by Irving Penn or Andre Kertesz. Look at the unique and charming photo above; there are "photo-critiques" who might say that the horizon is off or the crop is too close on the left. Too much contrast and her ankles are too dark. You could put an Edward Weston or Brasaii in front of their face and they would find similar faults. Alejandro, I have not lived for 50 years by listening to fools. If you are ever to publish a book, I will be first in line to purchase one.

Andre Easter
It is a deal then Alejandro; I get a book and you get excellent reviews!

Sarah Underhill
This is great! (I was there, Milta...)It is not always easy to get a good shot from any of these tourist places...Because you are looking at the obvious, and you are rushing. You got a great shot here!

Alejandro Keller
Sarah Good to have you here. I must admit that I have been in Mitla 3 times already. The obvious, as you call it, still keeps fascinating me but each time I enjoy more and more the little details... As you say, taking your time is the key. I was enjoying this third visit probably more than the other two but suddently two large busses full of turist (mostly Mexicans more interested in flirting with each more than anything else) arrived. It was the end of the nice feeling and the photosession :(

Christopher Falcman
I adore pictures which they leave for imagination something

Alejandro Keller
Zapotec landscape Portrait, documentary, fashion? I just posted it in fine art... comments?

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