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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 14th of January 2006 05:19:25 PM


David Shelby
I dissagree with Dave Gardner on the flattening comment! She is posed maybe not posed,pregnant and tired as women get after months of caring the baby.She has a punkin look about her,but that is the beautiful aspect of motherhood! I think her face and posture tells it all!

John Peri
Fair enough Dave, thank you. She sat down to rest, I took a snapshot.

Dave Gardner
John...i'm a fan of your work...but this doesn't seem to flatter her...can't put my finger on it....beautiful girl though. Dave

John Peri
Thanks David, but one can't like them all. There are many photos (of my own!) that I don't like too :-)

Giuseppe Circhetta
Great espression! I love it.Congratulations, Giuseppe

David Shelby
John A photo with a different composition? You captured her pregnancy in a rich resourcefulness that always has your personal style stamped on it.New this image was yours before seeing the name!

Bobby Karimipoor
Nice shot with 2in1 person subject!!! Thnx for sharing...Regards(Bobby).

John Peri
Pregnancy 2 .

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