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Published: Thursday 12th of January 2006 08:03:02 AM


patrick love
Very nice. I don't think that you're getting the ratings you deserve on this one. I wish the tones in my photos were this good.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Patrik It is always nice to hear a comment like that ;-)

Alejandro Keller
Hey Robert No matter what you do, you are always trying to make me go to LF (your pictures always make me so jealous). I'll do it at some point and will tilt the focal plane to get the perfect focus ;-)... actually, I saw that already when taking the picture but there was no way to set a tripod there and still be able to use the wide angle.

It is good to hear from you. Hope you had a great year start. Alejandro

Robert Farnham
Hi Alejandro.
The only improvement, in my opinion, would be to achieve sharpness throughout the photo. It's a little out of focus at the bottom.
Still, it really caught my eye as a thumbnail. I was glad to see it's yours. Beautiful tonality.

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
El desenfoque no me desagrada para nada. Un excelente encuadre.

Alejandro Keller
Jim I cannot imagine a better compliment than the one you just made. Of course, I care for the technical part of the image, but it is much more rewarding to hear that it has reach you beyond the aesthetical or technical side... I just may add that Oaxaca is a very spiritual place. Mexico is like that in general, but Oaxaca is special. If you care to see them, images like this one and feelings like the ones you describe will be around you all the time. That is probably the reason why Oaxaca has inspired so many artists, specially photographers, both Mexicans and non-Mexicans. It is also a land of artists itself... What I am trying to say, is that you should go there once. It will make you see life in a very different way. I know I will be back there. Every time I visit Oaxaca it makes me feel more in peace with myself. Jim, my friend, it is always an honor to have you here.

Alejandro Keller
Skyline Thoughts, critiques, complains? They all are welcome... This is the Mexican way of building a fence. Who will go through it?

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