"What Lies Ahead"

by Tsoi Wilson

what lies ahead pass deception seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 10th of January 2006 03:41:29 AM


Approach to Deception Pass?

Colin Carron
Great colours assisted by a strong composition. I thought for a second it was grass but it is early in the morning here.

Kim Slonaker
Great color contrast with the green & yellow. I'd like a touch more room on the left so his shoulder wasn't touching, but that's minor. Almost a dream-like quality to this one.

Lee Jianmin
Excellent Shot!! Wilson. Yes, I'm in Bangkok now and thanks for your visiting.

Jennifer Valencia - Phoenix, Arizona
great color and composition! I love it! Jennifer

David McCracken
T/T Good to see another True Tsoi shot. Love the colour composition too. It took me a while to work out the chap was on the wing of a wheelhouse. I was wondering why the water was not being disturbed. Good one!

Christopher Appoldt
Way cool, Wilson. Whale watching on the Puget?

Jesús Pizarro
6/6 Great color?s combination. Emphasizing the green of the water. Regards.

Rafik Kamel
Excellent shot!

Cherlyn .
Excellent colours & mood. Very good placement of the boat & person.

David Heiden
I agree the colors are excellent

Marina Cano
Beautiful colors, again a beautiful picture.

Lionel Dupre
.... This is heart taking !I am in love. Everything is awesome: the colours, the contrast, the compo ... everything ... no words to communicate how you pic made me feel at first sight (including the thumb).

Francesco Martini
very original green sea!!!!!

Sarah Underhill
Real nice shot. Great colors, composition, perfect white...Nice work as always!!!

Francisca Rivera
Blue, green, yellow and white. Four colors for a splendid pic with a strong composition.

Pulok Pattanayak
Perfect one!

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Good Good .....man! Ahead

Frank Melchior
Wilson This is really cool, that green water is erie. Well done.

Ken Beilman
Wils I love how this image steps outside the photography model and into the illustration style. The green water is unrealistic but very visually appealing. Your versatility is an interest keeper and the foreground detail adds to the compelling interest of this image. Very nice!!

Craig Ferguson
When I first saw the yellow jacket, I thought that you must have been on Michael Reichmann's recent Antarctica workshop. But the photo doesn't look like Antarctica. Great shot though, the green water is spooky.

Ian Flindt
Speechless Oh, I am speechless. This is one of those rare and precious images that move the spirit and stir the soul. Truly exceptional in every way.

Mg Lizi
Great mood!

Andrea Endisch
the big green is captivating, funny how the boat and the viewer protrude into the dreamy scape. Always wondering what lies ahead on your site...

Donna Albers
A remarkable graphic image. . .

bob lang
I live here. The green water is typical in the wintertime as a river closeby dumps from the mountains. Great photo - thanks for the memories. -bob

J Perez
What beautiful colors!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I love it! Terrific composition, color, detail, exposure & light. I can't help but wonder, where in the heck you where positioned when you took this image, in the water? :) Hopefully on a dock.

Salvatore Mele
The colour contrast between the ship, the human figure, and the landscape -both water and sky- works extremely well. The human figure acts very effectively as a proxy, with its field glasses (I suppose) trying to figure out the bridge at the horison: it has the same effect of the viewer trying to squeeze his/her eyes to make up more in the fog you've well exposed back there. If I had to change something, I would like slightly more separation between the left shoulder and the frame of the picture.

Howard Dion
Now were're having fun. So what's the problem with the green water? On the Technicolor Planet the water changes colors all the time. Great 3D feel to this one.

John Seward
Superlatives fail me. Just a great, great job Wilson.

Pnina Evental
Green water!!... cool composition, Wilson. Pnina

Raphael Lopez
Beautiful! Nicely done. Cheers, Raphael

Henri Manguy
Great shot.

Denis Sutherland
an excellent shot, love the green water

Keith Foster
Stunning shot Wilson the jade green water is beautiful.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Fabulous colors here! I love the yellow coat against the green water. And such a misty mysterious day. Great catch!

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan
Wilson, this is AWESOME!! It does look like Deception Pass or San Juan Islands. You look like you were possibly on one of the WSF boats standing back by the bridge that connects those two overhangs on the front on the second level. I wanna come back and visit *WHINE*! :)

Wim Ipenburg
As always, great image!

Christa Thompson
Wilson, What a great picture! I haven't been on PN much lately, and I have missed being obsessed with all your pictures. You are an such an inspiration to me.Keep up the great work :~) Christa

Linda Keagle
Wilson I like the contrast here of the mystical, and the contemporary...It is the combination that makes the image so unusual. Of course, you know how to do that well...

Mark Anthony Kathurima
Wilson, this is, as someone said already, a truly amazing shot!

Best regards from Kenya,

Mark Anthony Kathurima

Paula Grenside
This is quite original, Wilson. I find myself looking ahead with the sailor trying to see through the mist. Very well composed and incredible water color.

Kim Tural
This appeals to me very much. I have never seen water this colour before, it's beautiful. The exposure is perfect. Bad weather can often make for the most interesting photos. Congrats!

Marc G.
Thanks for posting the original, Wilson. I honestly prefer the original. Perhaps a very mild color adjustment would be in order, but if I may say so, the manipulation you went for went a bit " over board " imo. :-) Cheers, and bravo for the nice original capture.

Wilson Tsoi
Marc G., Thanks for checking this out. Here's the original capture.

Mark Anthony Kathurima
After seeing the original, I must agree with Marc. I like it even more than the posted one. Very atmospheric...

Best regards from Kenya,

Mark Anthony Kathurima

Leslie Battjes
Wilson, Very surreal! Even having seen the original, which is fine, I still like this better. Maybe because it is a little over-the-top. It certainly catches your eye and makes you think of mystical lands. I expect him to be on the lookout for monstrous, mythical sea creatures! :) Nicely done. Thanks for capturing our imagination. Leslie

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for taking the time, JENNIFER: Glad you like it. DAVID: Thanks, David. KEN: Thanks and very well put. I thought the original was okay, but can certainly use something off the wall for a change. COLIN: Thanks for your feedback, Colin. FRANCISCA: Glad you think so. Thanks. FRANK: Thanks. That was the idea. JESUS: Thanks. It's sure was chatchy, ain't it?! SARAH: Thanks for your kind words, Sarah. KIM: Thanks, Kim. Sorry, that's pretty much what I can muster with an extreme reach. CRAIG: That would've been cool to be on an expedition workshop. FRANCESCO: Glad you like it! RAFIK: Thanks. PULOK: Appreciate it. MARINA: Thankful of your visit and glad you like it. CHRISTOPHER: Indeed it was a whale watching trip with my daughter. Thanks for checking it out. RON: Right again. It is indeed an approach to Deception Pass heading north from Everett. SPENCER: Thanks. I'm sure you had fun in BKK! CHERLYN: Thanks for your feedback, Cherlyn. DAVID: Glad you think so, David! CHiPs: Indeed, it does seem that way. DONNA: Glad you like it, Donna. LIONEL: Thank you much for your kind words. Very much appreciated! IAN: Thanks for your feedback and appreciative of your kind words. MG: Thanks! PNINA: Freaky, isn't it?! SALVATORE: Thanks for your detail feedback. Yes, I also wish I have more separation of left shoulder and frame! HOWARD: I like how you put it. Glad you like it. BOB: Thanks, Bob. Although it's typically green, I did boost it up a bit to get the "feeling" right. ^_^ J PEREZ: Thanks! RAPHAEL: Glad you think so. ANDREA: Thanks, and always appreciate your visit. JAYME: Thanks for your comment, Jayme. I was still in the boat. There was this 1 foot platform that sticks out from side of boat. I stood there and reached as far as I could outward and shot back. JOHN: Thanks for checking this out, John. LOU ANN: Glad you like this, Lou Ann. KEITH: Appreciate your visit and feedback, Keith. DENIS: Glad you like the green water, Denis. JENIFER: It was a whale watching boat actually. Very glad you like it! HENRI: Thank you much. WIM: Thanks, Wim! CHIRSTA: Thank you much and I hope the inspiration continues. VRINDAVAN: Thanks. Please see "Detail" tab for all details. MARK: Thanks. Glad you think so. LINDA: Thank you much for your feedback. It's fun to mess around a bit. ^_^ PAULA: Very glad you like this, Paula. KIM: Thanks. Sometimes it's the out-of-this-world approach that make the wheel spins again. MARC: Thanks for your visit and feedback as always. Whatever that floats your boat, really. I was falling asleep a bit with the original, so thought to play with it a bit. I kind of like the weird look to this one and knew posting it is a gamble. It was fun while doing it and looking at it 2 months later, I'd do the same all over again. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! ^_^ MARK: Thanks for checking it out. Sure, we all have our own preferences and opions. That's what's great about photography and art in general. LESLIE: Thanks for visiting, Leslie. Your elaboration is pretty much a summary of how I go about with this image! Wilson ^_^

David Stevens

Marc G.
This is quite something in terms of colors and contrast, but imo, if the manipulations that occurred in this department are strong, perhaps you should have uploadedit as unmanipulated. What I'm trying to say is this: Composition is ok, but what makes the image for me, in this particular case, is the light and therefore I'd like to see this exactly the way nature made it. Any chance to see the original colors and contrast ? Regards.

Wilson Tsoi
What lies ahead . . . Looks like trouble ahead? Your thoughts are welcome.

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