by Simon Janosch

desire seeking critique simon janosch

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 9th of January 2006 08:55:43 PM


Milan Krepelka
very good

Philippe Carly
I like the pose... the light, the girl.... my only negative remark would be that IMHO the graphic elements on the bikini are distracting. I would hav prefered a solid black one. But that's just me. Excellent work

Damir Hasanagic
Very very good,except , as Philippe said, for bikini that would be much better if it was black ,and I don't know why but belly button piercing is bit spoiling this photo for me .Also something wrong with lightning on the background.

Dima G
7/7 Very beautiful photo. Both with graphics or without on the bikini.
7 - for originality. One might think that it is all very casual: yet another beautiful model, bikini, wall. I think, however, that the overall effect is very much original.

Dave Gardner
The lighting!!!!

Sweid Sideris

An extraordinary capture of an extraordinary human being. What a creation!

Janosch Simon
"Desire" Please look at the large Version reagards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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