Baby Eli- Hand-Colored B&W

by Hall - Bardstown, KY Jayme

baby eli hand colored bw seeking critique hall bardstown ky jayme

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Published: Monday 9th of January 2006 11:29:18 AM


Peter van Nugteren
Beautiful Jayme! The reflections in the eyes have a strange but wonderful effect. I wish you best of luck with your hand. Regards Peter

Armindo Lopes
The eyes made me stop by. Fantastic and beautiful image!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Thanks Everyone. Eli is the most even tempered, sweet baby of all our 4 boys. He is NaNa's baby. It's been terrible not being able to lift and carry them all, but with the old arm problem it's just not possible right now, especially Tyson. Tyson moves, leans, twists & turns constantly. Eli seems to know I just can't do it so he's very calm & loves to snuggle instead. In fact, we both fell asleep on the sofa last Sunday, it seemed he never moved. He always looks at me and grins & watches everthing I do with great intensity. He is our youngest and he's a living doll!

Sarah Underhill
Nicely done. Cute.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
This is a hand-colored version of Eli. I took this before my arm/hand problems. This was not meant to be artistic, more an emulation of an image taken of my husband back in the 50's. Comments & suggestions are always welcome, even negative ones.

Emily Koch
Just beautiful. Any parent would love having something similar of their own child. I am so happy that you are posting again and look forward to seeing more and more. One question that I have been meaning to ask, what font did you use on this? I have noticed it on your images before and really like it. It is large and flowing but not thick. I think it works well on children's images.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Emily- I almost forgot, the font is "Scriptina". Don't ask me where I found it, I use to know, but I can't remember. I love it because everyone says it most resembles my own hand writing (of course, that was before the accident). I hope my handwriting returns back to normal soon!

Bridgette E
I really like this one. The eyes are so real. So glad to see your work again. My best, Bridgette

Ken Beilman
Very nice, Jayme. Your hand coloring technique is superb. And those eyes - you have such a way with eyes.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
It's wonderful that with a baby so young you've got the eyes wide open and alert and looking right at the camera. Wonderful crop ... very intimate!

David Vives
Not my favourite of all your ones but... GREAT! as usual! you are a very talented photographer.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
It sooooo doesn't surprise me to hear you say that your handwriting looks like that ... it fits what I imagine about your personality! :-)

Jamie Nicholson
Now that's a great site to see: New image posts from Jayme Hall. It means you're on the mend and that's a great thing. Congrats! As usual your hand coloring is very well done. I always struggle with whether or not I like double catchlights in the eyes. That said, I really like the way you've positioned your softboxes. They give nice life to the eyes.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Thank you to all- Life is much improved and my hand is definately on it's way back from the edge! My therapists keep telling me to slow down, but........ when one feels so much better, it's hard to keep from over doing! But... as an added insult to injury, my poor left hand is finally paying the price. I recently developed a tendonitis in my left thumb. The strangest thing, after all this time, it must have decided, now is the time to complain! Since the right hand is doing so well. :) Nothing I can't live with, just annoying! I have this absolutely wonderful therapist, whom without her guidance, I would not have sought out a 3rd opinion. So.....I do listen to her intently. Rest is the orders & rest I do. Only one or two playing sessions per day allowed. The graft has to heal, it takes approx. 8 weeks for the graft to heal completely. I keep having these self dissolving stitches migrate to the surface of my incision and they have to be removed with tweezers & scissors. Oh so much fun! Still no lifting, but typing IS allowed!!!!! Again, thanks for the comments, they are greatly appreciated :))))

Yeung-Seu Yoon
I like this quiet style in your portrait a lot!

Katie O - South Dakota
Jayme, Great post-processing effect! I love the softness of color; perfect for a sweet baby. So glad to see you posting and can't wait to see some of your new work post-injury! Best wishes, Katie

Colin Carron
Wonderful delicacy and I like the 'what is going on here?' look in the baby's eyes.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Jamie- the reason for 2 softboxes was to create an over-exposure. I was trying for the old white on white of the 50's. Light play :) Makes almost a pencil drawing type image, great for hand-coloring. I do understand about the 2 catch lights, sometimes they are really distracting.

Pnina Evental
I simply like this one, as rendition is very artistic with beautiful face details. Pnina

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Alexandre- I hand-colored this in PS, much like you would hand-color with oils. Pretty intricate and actually fun playing with all the different layers. Sometimes I have 10-15 layers going. It gives the image a much more transluscent look than just a few colors.

Alexandre Guerra
This effect looks wonderful. His face is so crisp and rich in lighting details. You mean it was hand-coloured by you and scanned later or hand-photoshop-coloured? Either way, congrats for such a nice artwork.

Don Miller
Nice work, team! Eli is so gorgeous, and you take such good photos that it's hardly a fair test of your PS abilities (good as they evidently are). We're all happy your hand doesn't completely stop you as well as that it's on the mend, and we're looking forward to more!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Thanks Don, only a few more weeks!!!!!! I am looking forward to getting my total independence BACK!!!!!!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Hand-Colored B&W Thanks for looking!

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