ZD 88

by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 8th of January 2006 09:58:11 PM


John Peri
... I don't think they had any photographic film during the stone age, but it would appear that is how they were portrayed then too !

David Blair
This is a stunning portrait John. I love the imagery here. Can we have 2 more seasons? That wall hanging behind here is a little distracting, but this is a beautiful photo.

Roberto Roseano
Bravo You are on the last PHOTO issue too. Bravo. mandi, Roberto

John Peri
Many thanks for the link Alejandro.

Vi P
This is so tender and lovely. the look in the eyes of the lady is so penetrating, and the flowers and leaves make her look very romantic... I really like it!

a. colley
The colors are very brilliant! I also like the photgrapher's use of light. It would seem since the beginning of time women have been photographed topless or completely nude. Not very original.

Sky Blue
A little green I like it. Autumn works great and with a little hint of bright green, I think you'll convince me of Spring as well. Regards, ~Sky

John Peri
... I tried it, but she became a little sickly looking ... I wonder actually if a redder version is not better, though probably not, I think it looks more subtle in the original version.

Roberto Roseano
Nice ... painting Hi, John. Happy New Year, plenty of beautiful models and nice pictures, as this one. I would like to thank you for your comment to my Totem and the info (is it the december issue of Photo?). Let me know. mandi, Roberto

Lee Jianmin
John, you are such an artist. Best Regards

Markos George Hionos
fantastic composition ..great idea !! one of your very best ....Markos .

Thomas Collins
John, Wonderful creativity here! I'm just browsing through your fantasy folder today waiting to take the family out to lunch. Nice way to pass the time! Thomas

John Peri
Thomas, glad you liked this one. Hope you had a good day with the family.

John Peri
... but you have said that many times Tanya ...

Tanya Truong
Seeing this... Ok, you can photograph me now :o).

John Peri
Hy Raymond, the leaves and flowers were on some programme I had that disappeared together with my last computer ... I'm afraid I couldn't really reproduce it now even if I wanted to ... :-)

Raymond Elstad
WOW! Very impressive indeed... These images remind me of Maxfield Parrish posters. Quite Art Nouveau in feel. Tell me are the shapes someting you created from scratch? Or perhaps a brush in an editing program. Either way, very effective. Bravo!

Cristina Velina Ion

Hello John!

All your work is impresive, but i have chosen this image because this is one of my favourites. It's presenting your artistic vision  and skills and the beauty of the human nature... and they are great! Congratulations!

Kind regards, Cristina.

John Peri
Spring and Autumn This one is created for my photographer/model friend: it was a very dull day today and so I got to thinking about the seasons ....

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