Madaket Sunset over Harbor (three)

by Kantor Bill

madaket sunset over harbor three seeking critique kantor bill

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Sunday 8th of January 2006 08:38:02 PM


Bill Kantor
Detail Detail from house on right. Subject is ~300 feet away. Shown at 100% from a 1200DPI scan. Mild in-scanner sharpening applied. The spot you see between the two structures is not dust. This is the doorknob on the screen door that was opened and shut during the long exposure. The full image, if viewed at the size shown here (assuming you have a 72DPI monitor), would be 14 x 11 feet.

RoseAnne Cargile
Very Beautiful work!

Bill Kantor
Andrew, This one is scanned with a drum scanner--a ScanMate 5000. Since the image is so big to start, the resolution here is not very taxing on any scanner. This one was done at just 1200 dpi. Shadow detail however is another matter; although this image is also not very taxing in that regard either. Bill

Andrew Ren
Big Bill, It's huge. amazed by the quality. How oyu scan it, flatbed or drum? Thanks Andrew

mike plews
Love it ! I very much enjoy all the large format color work on your page. This is the most dramatic image but the quieter ones are also enchanting. I'll bet it would look terrific blown up big. Well done. Regards Mike

Bill Kantor
After Comments welcome. Number three of a series of three images taken over about 10 - 15 minutes as the sun set. I had set up the camera originally pointing in another direction when this began to materialize. I repositioned in time to capture these images: one, two, and this one.

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