on their way home,

by Biskamp Dieter

on their way home seeking critique biskamp dieter

Gallery: air and tenere

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Published: Saturday 7th of January 2006 10:11:36 PM


Ken Thalheimer
Fantastic documentary capture

John Falkenstine
An original photograph buried in a sea of repetitive dullness.

Tawhid Uddin
superb. 7/7

Anne Getzieh
perfectly well done! i just want to say: congratulations, this indeed is a really great shot! regards, anne

Scott Cromwell
what a load As soon as I saw this I said, "wow". Only I said it like this, "Wwwwwoooooowwwwwwwww".

Sarah Underhill
this is wild...great capture.

Lalit Deshmukh
Scary!! Like the composition too!

Stephen H
Wow. Amazing shot, well done.

Dushan B. Hadnadjev
Very good work! d.

Jesús Pizarro
7/7 Superb.Impressive graphical document where there appears the precariousness of these people. Regards.

Dexter Dee Dee
:) pure truck

Jarek Wyganowski
Amazing how you can pack this much on one truck. You captured the moment.

Pierre Guyot
Just great. I love documentary pictures, and this one is really strong i think. Really nice shot

Mc four
6/6 Best Shot!!!

Nicholas Bryant
Excellent! I follow all the other comments, great shot!

Michael Smith
brilliant 7/7

Peter van Nugteren
WOW! Great capture!!

Bilgo jol production -Rouzes-
+/+ :) nice

Carl Huelgas
I had to lock twice before understanding this photo. Very good work Greetings Carl

Rajeev Thomas
Dieter ...this is absolutel beautiful...Perfect timing 7/7.

Karl Schuler
I am used to overloaded trucks, but this is just incredible. Congratulations for this shot. Karl

Dieter Biskamp
thanks to all of you for your comments and for liking the picture

Alexander Mandl
having a camera at such a moment is unpayable - congrats alex

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Fantastic, bella composicion Regar

John North
Good photo!

Els Wetting
strong picture all the way... Els

Salvatore Mele
Dieter, this shot is truly impressive. It gets us out of the relative security of our lives and projects us out in the desert in the unimaginable hardships of migrant workers. I've seen many overloaded trucks in Asia, and rode a couple, but this is beyond anything I could imagine. From a photograpically point of view, my eye keeps on being attracted by the almost incongrous bike hanging off the back of the truck. Again congratulations on this image.

Dieter Biskamp
thanks for your comments

Michael VaughAn
Wow- at first I thought this is digital manipulation. Now I'm convinced it's some kind of sports commercial still. What a capture!

Dieter Biskamp
thanks to all of you. honestly, when i put the picture on the critique forum, i was not sure at all about its resonance, since i had the feeling that pictures have first of all to be aesthetically attractive to get acclaim. apparently i was wrong

Denis Sutherland
hehe- send this one to lonely planet!

Davor Mandic

Roman ''Terrise" Golubenko

Alec Ee
This tops all other rides that I have seen around the world. Must be very uncomfortable during the long ride but much better then walking!

Sergio Alfaro

Yury Plyasov-Malt

Fabrizio Forte
Dieter Really incredible image effect,never seen the same in Europe...right,you will answer : 'in Europe there is not the desert' ... :-) My compliments!!! ciao Fabrizio

Henry Winter

John Jones jones
LOL Another tough day at the office! LOL RT www.total-privacy.us.tc

Kombizz Kashani
great catch, where was it?

Erik Thomson
All of the above comments! Great capture. Erik

Dieter Biskamp
on their way home migrating workers crossing the tenere desert on their way home from libya

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