"Lets Hold Hand"

by Tsoi Wilson

lets hold hand seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 6th of January 2006 02:28:31 AM


Colin Carron
They are keeping their eyes on the ball as prescribed. Great action shot and the guy in the black strip looks as though he has out-turned the other neatly.

Jim Hayes
Wilson Hope you had a wonderful Holiday season. I look forward to the coming baseball season and seeing more of your incredible work. This is just another in a series of GREAT timing shots from a GREAT sports photographer. Newcomers should all visit his portfolio. JH

David McCracken
Language. Wilson, Two word here.... 'FOOT' and 'BALL.' Do you think your excellent photographic skills will convert your fellow countrymen to using the correct language. When we play this in the UK there are normally thousands of fans in the background..... not trees and bushes. Just teasing Wilson.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I find it refreshing to see some green in the grass, very, very brown here. However, we had a few days of above 50 and my paper whites started blooming. I wish I had been able to capture the image. As usual, nice timing, love the determined expressions, focused totally on that ball! NIce capture.

Howard Dion
What I like best about this series is how you capture the expression on the player's faces along with the stop action. It makes these images very special.

Keith Clemens
As a budding sports photographer I look to your body of work as the gold standard. You always catpture the action while showcasing an intensity, competitiveness, and emotion linked with the sport. With this photo I especially like how your chosen DOF highlights the players. Well done.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you for commenting! DAVID: I know, I know. Us Americans are the only people on the planet strangely calling it anything else but football. Definitely not as popular around here as American football, but heck I get excellent access around the field. ^_^ JIM: I trust that you also had a great Holiday season, Jim. Thank you very much for your kind words as well! HOWARD: Thanks for your vote of confidence, Howard. It is a lot easier to capture facial expression in soccer as there is no head gear to conceal. COLIN: Thanks. Indeed, you're a keen observer! JAYME: Thanks, Jayme. Can't wait for spring, can't you? ^_^ KEITH: Thank you very much for your kind words and the time it takes to go through the sport images. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
. . . or, "Please don't hold my hand, I hardly know you!" Skagit Valley mid fielder Russell Anderson (#11) tries holding hand with Shoreline mid fielder Bobby McConough (#6) during a NWAACC game. Dolphins defeated the visiting Cardinals 6-2.

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