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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 4th of January 2006 02:25:16 PM


David McCracken
J A A little while ago I commented on a photograph by Jim Adams saying it was very John Peri(ish.) If I may say so, I feel this is very Jim Adams(ish.)


C. Daunis
Missing part of her head IMO lengthens this already impressive torso. I only ask for the negative as the detail in the scan would certainly be worth the effort. It is beautiful as it is, John. A truly remarkable nude.

Robert Farnham
It's tragic you don't know where the neg is, John. This body and pose and light deserves 8x10.
To me this actually feels a twitch more Avadoneque than Adamsish (if those are words...).
Beautiful work.

John Peri
Thanks, glad you like it Chris.

John Peri
Thank you Sharon, glad you like the pose. I scanned it from a print the size of a postcard, so the image quality is not too good. Goodness knows where the negative is now!

John Peri
Actually, I used to give my films to the supermarket to be developed, until I noticed one day that they systematically cut off 10 to 15 % of the print made from the negative during printing. I don't remember if the original had the top of her head in the picture!

Milan Krepelka

Peter Bajzek
Very nice composition, and great lighting for this model's physique. Nice work indeed.

John Peri
That's very nice Robert, thank you. It's not exactly lost, it's there somewhere among the thousands of others! Happy New Year, John

John Peri
Sorry, I meant PN, I hope I didn't mislead you. But it's even more obviously the case for PS.

Sharon Jobe
Oh my God.... this is perfection. 7/7! The pose is natural yet dramatic, the lighting is from heaven, and her skin tones are beautiful! It is obvious that she is very fit and toned which adds to this portrait immensely. This is POW material John! Her relationship with the camera is amazing, she shows such confidence and poise. Beautiful John, just simply beautiful!

C. Daunis
Please find the negative, this is a fabulous image! I can only imagine what a scan of the original would look like.

David McCracken
ps on PS With regard to PS. I am finding that out. You are correct!

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady Athletic and in business .. the truly modern young woman.

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