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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Alessandra Manzotti
this is a magnificent picture!! As Mila Kundera said:'Dogs are our link to paradise!" really touching!

Cris Ardelean
beautiful photo...congrats...cris

Ninoslav Sohrab
Great Shot! 6/6

Rich Read
Your picture says a thousand words. 7/7

m saga
Very nice work.

gianni ansaldi
great great photo

David Cochran
Juan, this photo feels like a sculpture. A tender moment that will last forever. peace

Natasha Barabasha
Outstanding! Beautiful work! The tones, composition, timing, - breathtaking!

S. M.
Very nice.

Roy Lohr
Never say good-by. What a beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing it.

Juan De Santa Anna
Thank yous Thanks you all...it's still hard to respond to feed back on this image because of what that dog meant to me...I was befuddled because as a full grown man how much I wept when she went on her last biscuit run...ALL of the comments from the photographers I look to for inspiration make it easier for me to look at this image and deal...I really appreciate reading your comments...Photo.net is great because of all the people like you...thanks again. Juan

Juan De Santa Anna
Thanks Darrell, I don't think I have never Not titled a image...mine or anybody elses!! I simply have too much fun at it...Thank you for your thoughts and comments...Juan

scott clarke
Been there done that to many times. Would not be in a condition to photograph such a day. So well done. Brings back sad feelings, but also great memories. Regards Juan.

Ektor Coughanour

David Cassidy
EXCEPTIONAL. I don't know how I missed this one before in your portfolio. It says so much, especially knowing the title. I can't find the words to describe how strong the feelings this image invokes in me.

Tina Forget
Dear Juan: I have been reluctant to comment on this because it stirs such emotions in me, and everytime I see it, my tears become unstoppable. I am such an animal lover, there simply aren't words to describe it. As always, you have the ability to capture the tenderness and deep emotion of the moment, and this image is no exception. The image itself is extraordinary. It holds such power over me, and tears my heart apart. I am spell-bound at the ability you have to create such a simple, beautiful image that can move me as incredibly as this one does. My mere words cannot deliver the justice this image deserves. You have my utmost respect, and I am grateful for your inspiration. Respectfully, Tina

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Wonderful -emotive- shot!!!

Doug Berryhill
An absolutely beautiful shot. This is what photography can be.

Bengt Ekelberg
Beautiful, intimate, emotional. Excellent tonality. Thanks.

Stefania Ruzzi

Dana Gee
Agree - heart-stoppingly lovely and sad.

Ken McCarron
'That is the saddest photo I have ever seen' - a quote from my coworker as she walk off to go find a dog to hug. That photo touches anyone that has ever loved a pet and since art is meant to touch us visually and emotionally, I would say that photo is big winner! Great work! I am now going home to hug my 10 year old dog!

Tiffany Brook
beautiful portrait of both of them. I like the crop and I love how much of them is revealed. Thank you for sharing this.

Juan De Santa Anna
Thank-yous to all of you for your comments...another anniversary just passed...as you who love these critters as I do...know all the good memories of our buddies can keep the tide of tears ebbing...I am convinced there is a dowggie place where one day we'll all share in a feast of biscuits... together...again. Juan

Carolyn Dalessandro
As I am writing this my heart is so very sad..If I did not read the caption I would be fine with this beautiful captured moment but now I am full of emotion. I am so sorry for your loss.

Sara Picciau
wow magic and sweet photo

Mel Legget
A stand-out among today's selection of the daily gallery sampling, recognized immediately as a "juan de santa anna" - -

Appreciating the energy and spirit of Eddy already from the photos of her, and you!, I can feel the power and connection in her forehead and hands, and I remember not a more poignant tete a tete ~ simply so dear.

Leanna Weber
excellent photo. very touching. Thank you, Leanna :O)

Jan Kellgren
A wonderful pic! B/W works great here, as does the light.

Russ Beinder
Let there be no doubt As a dog owner who lost a beloved animal a year ago, the context of this image is unmistakeable even without the caption. I was troubled taking a photograph of my dog's last day, but did anyway. In the end I am glad I did, though it makes me sad everytime I look at it. I'm sure you will be able to look to this photograph for many years to come to remind you of how much she meant to you.

Les Baldwin
Wonderful Image!! This is a wonderful image. My wife and I had to send or dog Sox to heaven last year. We just adopted Lola a ball of energy w/ Legs. Please adopt when your heart can handle it. Les Baldwin Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together... Author unknown

Barry Carlton
Great shot, Juan. I recognized your style immediately from the tiny thumbnail.

Lennart. K.V. Bardal.
A wonderful and emotional photo. What a sad moment.

Juan De Santa Anna
Of love..and photography Jan, Barry, Leanna,Lennart and Les...thank you for your kind words and canine understanding... John...Thank you for your comments as well...Although it's been a year since I have posted this image here....I have since printed this image many different ways...your suggestion about the door frame (white line) above my Sadie's head,I couldn't agree with you more. Since the momment I pulled the film from the cannister it has bothered me too. This was a hand held...last image on the roll...first time...shot on a Mamiya RBZ6x7 truely a beast to run around and shoot with....but to this day I am happy with this image....I disagree about the arm....Although I too would love to see more of my dog....the arm keeps me connected between the two who are saying good-by and keeps the viewer moving around the frame...The emotion is the connection between the two...and thats what I feel most have commented on here... One of my reasons to make images is to provoke thoughts and emotions from those who choose to view them...Not everybody has experienced the love from a pet...and everybody experiences it differently...It has been my pleasure to experience it through the words (schmaltz)of those who have posted them here....that includes your words as well... Although it's only a photographic image...as all of the images we view...we are allowed to interpet them as we choose...again...I really appreciate all those who have taken the time to do so here....Thanks for the visit...Juan

Didem Gecegezer
great great photo, emotions..

Lauren Partida
Looking at this brought back memories of several dogs, and loved horses in my life I have had to put down, that I adored more than many of my genetic family members. It brought a flood of memories that I thought I had adequately stuffed away, and found myself crying really hard..a really powerful image, Juan. You are an astoundingly good photographer. lauren

Didem Gecegezer
What a lovely friendship... Perfect shot.

Annemette Rosenborg Eriksen
A very emotional and strong photograph full of strong love and melancholy. Two beauties saying their last farewell- really heartbreaking which makes it powerful. I like when a photo has sth. to say. Best wishes Annemette

Juan De Santa Anna
Annemette And Didem...Thank you for your thoughtful comments...Yes their beauty will be with me for a long time! Truly the two of you must be lovers of animals as well! Thanks again...juan

Pnina Evental
This is a very touching image as was already written, the light and emotion it conveys touches each of us, having dogs or other animals/pets. I lost my dog some years ago, I know the feeling very well, it is losing the best of friends. Good light and very well composed.

Hernest Ernesti Luchino
!!!!!! Wonderful!!The strongest emotion in photo net. A masterpiece.

Linda Davidson
Juan, it isn't often that I tear up looking at an image. This one really did it for me. This is so tender, loving, sad and beautiful. An amazing capture of the deep love between human and dog.

Tony Bowers
Saying good-by I am new to photo.net and have not yet posted any of my work nor commented on anybody elses, but today I must comment. Saying good-by is nothing short of a masterpiece in photography -- perfection at its best! Your other works are good but this one is magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Juan De Santa Anna
Tony, Linda, Pnina and Hernest.... Thank you for your kind comments...I too have a hard time not flooding my eyes when I revisit this image...still almost five years later... This also is one of those images that makes me pull out the film camera and revisit the process of shooting with film...My Lilly dog of three years sits at my feet now...she was attacked this weekend by another dog...twice her size...a gapping hole in her neck...a bigger hole in her spirit...she'll be OK...Thank you critter lovers...Juan

Juan De Santa Anna
Thanks Jim...me too.

jim paire
JUAN, I love this picture but it makes me want to cry ever time I see it and I have seen it many times. jim

Steve Lowther
Juan, I feel like I was treading on sacred ground here.... and I created this new rendition with the utmost reservation. However, I feel with some burning and vignetting and a bit of dodging on their faces that even more emotion comes to the surface, making the moment even more sacred. Please let me know if you rather not have this particular critique here, and I will be glad to delete it.

Juan De Santa Anna
Steve... thanks for asking...no I do not have problem with you playing around with this image...as i mentioned above I have printed this many different ways since I first posted it on P.nut... I too have burned the annoying white strips protruding from the the top of both heads...and the a little bit on the arms...I do tend to print with maybe a tad too much contrast...I like your version just fine as well...The last printing of this was on a metallic paper with a sepia treatment...The original was shot on film printed in the traditional wet dark room and still is one of my all time favorites...Just this last couple of months I have been venturing a way from the traditional white mats...rarely do I shoot to post on the web only...I try to print most of what I shoot...at least once...but I am far from reaching that goal...your choice frame around the image works ok for me...but until I have the full size print in my hand do I really think about the mat and the frame...The version I have hanging is a 20x 20 full bleed no mat on the metallic paper.....Thanks for taking the time to comment and I am glad you enjoyed the image...Oh by the way you have a very impressive portfolio as well! I 'll be visiting it more soon...juan

Brad Farlow
Juan, This image is what drew me to your portfolio from the beginning. I'm glad I came back and saw it again today. It is very powerful. Thanks again for visiting my portfolio as well.

Vladimir Funtak
I was going home with a leash in my hand crying my eyes out...14 year old airedale with a mind of her own, so I think I can understand your feelings. It is exquisite photo my friend. Someone could say why dont you cry ower pigs, cows and chicken you have eaten..well, they have not been part of my life.

Lech Dobrzanski
This is the first unmanipulated honest photo until I visit photo.net for the first time three month ago. Is it necessary to search archives to find such picture? The hair of women is realy like the one produced using aquaforta method or a relief from Roman coin. Dog looking at the distant point is wise and anticipating as if it can say come what may.

Paul Goutiere
I have seen few images in my life that evoke what this piece does. Yes, it is sad but at the same time incredibly beautiful. Anyone who has lost a pet ( and who hasn't? ) will be touched by this. Thank you.

Gary Bruce BOWEN
Very Rich I love this whole series. Many I find are 7's. Really enjoyed. Thanks. Gar (Montreal, CANADA)

Carlos H.
beautiful picture Juan. Strong. Very strong.

Andrew Protas
A wonderful photo! I had a black lab who was with me as I battled through two 48 week treatments to overcome a disease I was suffering. We spent so many late nights/early morns on the back door stoop - just her and I - where I'm certain we had the same mutual love, loyalty, and bond - and quite possibly the exact same embrace. So to say it brought back memories would be an understatement. My dog Sadie is now gone as well but not before I was forced from the home through a divorce when I never really recovered from the second treatment! Dogs are family and to lose one is crushing. Sadie was the one and only dog that I actually saw cry as she had a tick in her ear that she would only let me work out - as she trusted me and only me. As she lied there for me a teardrop rolled down her cheek! Sorry about the rambling - but thanks for the photo to take me back to a very difficult time in my life but with moments still dear in my heart.

David Bell
Excellent shot. Made me think of the dogs I have lost in the past.

aubouin gaby
going right to my heart...............coup de chapeau a l'auteur.

Richard --
Touching image. I would have titled it: "Unconditional Love." Thanks for sharing, Richard

Mike Nelson
MGN Great capture of "The Moment"

Beata Papierz
Great, toutching image, very impresive. Congratulations and regards.

Jane Newhall
Juan, For those of us who love our "animals" as family and have had to go down this terribly, sad journey, your photo says it all. Just looking at this brings tears to my eyes, as I have two elderly "babies" now who may not be far from here. Black and white only adds to the incredible feeling of the moment because in real life, this is a black and white moment. I hope in sharing with us, you realize that even tho this is personally profound, you have touched us all. God bless......I'm sure those biscuits in heaven taste really good. regards, jnewhall

Steven Kokensparger
This is an example of why you're one of my favorite photogs on this site. I love your images of your significant other they show your immense love for her. :)

Senol Erdener
Excellent shot ... Very good B&W... lovely.

sorin dirokko
Hola Juan ¡Tu trabajo es monumental! ¡es muy impresionante! ¡felicidades! 7/7 Lo tengo ya en mi imagenes favoritas! Saludos!

Jim Puffer
Great testimony The black by the dogs nose, the elbow, the forearm and top of their heads bring the viewer to their eyes, the heart of the picture. Wonderful capture. A great testimony to the gift dogs freely give to humans.

Caleb Invidiata
Very moving photo! So much emotion in it!!

Deon Van der Walt
...you touched my soul... ...after spending hours of surfing the net today, I came across this moment and after sending this note, I have to quit, because I feel satisfied after seeing this moving work. This is what I call: "capture the moment". Thank you for sharing this sacred moment - now she's in my heart as well, where she can join my other sacred moments and good-by's!!!

Melanie Eastwood
Emotional I have sat and stared at this photo for ages, you have brilliantly captured every raw emotion all of us have experienced in owning a pet and when we have that moment where we have to say goodbye. How blessed we all are to share our lives with these wonderful animals, may we be worthy of them. Thank you for sharing.

Gustavia Tirado
-you have a powerful mind- Ms. De Santa Anna...to rate your work ..would be like rating Picasso! This photograph has everything a photograph should have. technically brilliant. But the emotion..the connection..and how most everyone can relate to the very language you are expressing here...that's devine! Your portfolio blew me away because even that showed your view on life..the beauty of life...from all angles. Your work leads the viewer to know you and love the person you really are. I've learned so much from you in 5 minutes...that's worth holding on to for a lifetime. I'm that moved. thank you

Emiliya Emilova
Very strong..and sad!!

Antoni Tomadakis
Juan, thank you for taking this photograph and thank you for sharing it!

Esther Valentino
of a great love heartwarming and heartbreaking picture, I must thank you for capturing that kind of love for the rest of us to see and feel again. It truly shows that unique and unbreakable bond the loyalty of such divine creatures establish with us, most defficient and less understanding counterparts. All the lines on the body of the woman and the shadows speak volumes of that attachment. You brought me to tears, constructive ones. What a great homage to your friend and to all our friends in four legs. It makes me want to aid more of those angels in shelters or in the streets waiting to make one of us happy, I shall do it in the memory of your girl.

Patrick Hudepohl
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Please note the following:

Bill Tate
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Two things bother me a little with this most expressive image. I can enjoy (if you can call it enjoy) the story that comes to me of having to put down an old dog. I have been through it a couple of times in my life. The dog is aware of the sad feelings the woman shows. Well done in that respect.

One of the two points I have difficulty with lie in the bottom of the picture. The woman is resteing her elbow on an object. Is it a purse, her knee, or something else all together. Also below the dog's shoulder is a white strip at the very bottom of the photograph. Those could be done away with by a simple crop just below the woman's elbow making a square format.

The other bothersome item is the dark blob on the light colored vertical strip (a pipe maybe) in the upper right side of the picture. That whole pipe could be removed, or at least the dark blob could be cloned to match the rest of the white pipe. I find my eye is continually drawn to that distraction. I love the sentiment shown and see an obvious story.

Willie the Cropper

Ken Kartes
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Life is full of moments, some we don't wish to see often but still honorable. This photo captures the moment, thanks for sharing Juan.

Sumon Mukherjee
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Some photographs can stir up the emotional world of human being - this is one of those.

Some photographs can compel the viewer to come back again and again – this is one of those.

Some photographs become successful in strengthening the relationships of life – this is one of those.

Thanks a lot Juan for sharing this composition of emotions. Congratulations, my friend.

To me also, the vertical white line in the background is a distracter. Best regards.

Michael Ging
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Great moment captured nicely with rich tones and great light. A well deserving POW photo Juan, congrats.

Juan De Santa Anna
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Had no idea that this was the POW until I checked my spam box...it does not show up in the commented on photos box in my workplace. A pleasant surprise for sure...
I have been told that I look like an elf many times...But believe me I don't know what makes them tick...?
Bill thanks for your honesty...That bar over Sadie's head was burned wide open for about three hours...{I never had very good negs}... it drives me crazy...but since the original post of this image I have printed this without the lamp post and could not agree more with you...
Hand holding a Mamiya RB and using one for the first time...well kinda distracted me from seeing past two of my best friends.. I did not title this until after Sadie moved on to biscuit heaven...Thank You again for your thoughts.
Ken, Sumon, Michael...You make me smile with your kindness...First thing today... my mirror falls out of my 5D ...then my truck dies and wont start (on the way to a job interview)...after getting home I find this...been some day...?! I am glad this image worthy...enjoy...juan

Bulent Celasun
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

A good selection for the POW. Otherwise, I would have missed this beautiful one.
To me, this is an excellent record of the bond between close friends. Loving each other, caring for each other...
Whatever the noted imperfections might be; this stands out as a unique record of a very special moment and, as such, "photography" at its best.

Filiz Aksoy
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

A very special and impressive photo in so many ways... The moment was captured wonderfully, and also technically everything is perfect.. Congratulations on the POW.. It has always been one of my favorites as well. Thanks for sharing..

Marc G.
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Yes, I like this picture. Definately. Nothing in the frame really bothers me; the message gets accross, it is a simple, clear message, telling a story that moves me. As simple as that. Photography can be that simple, when it's well done, and when the photographer understand his subject well.
Now if I had to suggest anything, it might be to go for a perfectly squared format, by cropping a bit of the black area at the top and at the bottom. I was never comfortable with the 6x7 format, although I have used an RB67 for many years. But this is all small matter. What matters is what's telling the story inside the frame, and that's just beautifully captured. Best regards.

Ken Thalheimer
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Very powerful & evocative image that speaks volumes. Very well done

Ton Mestrom
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

recognition long overdue and richly deserved. It's only fitting that it should be on such photo because it's straightforward and honest as in fact all of your photo's are. Both of you share so much of your life with the rest of us and while that in itself is already a great gift you do it with outstanding photography to boot.
Thanks, to both of you, as much for this photo as for all else.

Apostolos Spanoudis
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

A photo full of affection, very tender and masterly taken.Nice and strong contrast and excellent metering.Best regards

Dana Gee
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

This is one of the loveliest and saddest images I have seen in some time. What a strong bond, a hard thing to bear. Thank you for sharing your work.

Els Wetting
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

For sure a 'moving' picture, sometimes you see a picture and you go back to your own memories/experiences... and ofcourse I also did do that, but I am still focused on this one, the strong emotions and connection between those 2 ladys is so real, you cannot set this, up so I am not borthered by the 'faults in it' that is easy to remove with photoshop I think. And I want to thank you for sharing your soal in your personal life, I respect YOU and YOUR love for it.
With love Els

Fabrizio R.
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

This mean be really able to write the sentiments using the light ...


apostolos diamantis
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I love to see true B&W photographic moments like this one. Beautiful contrasts, powerful composition and lovely expretion on the face. Makes you think...... makes you try to imagine the true moment and the story behind. A Poetic image!!!

Carey Moulton
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

a bit too much melodrama. A lot can be said with a title, but you can also leave much to the viewers imagination. Blurting it out in a title takes away from what the viewer might have otherwise experienced, interacting with (dwelling on), the photograph. The presentation is a good one, and what is chosen to be left in or out is a personal decision, that may or may not have value in the future (assuming it's consumption lasts more than 15 minutes).

j hunter
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I joined photo.net forum today just to comment on this incredibly emotional image. It is beautiful yet painful. It does exactly what an image should. It stirs emotion. It captures a moment and tells a story. Every person who has ever had the great fortune of loving and being loved by a pet can remember that moment when they had to say good-bye. I can remember each time vividly. I cannot look at this image with dry eyes.

Not Here Anymore
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

An emotive and well chosen POW. The photograph itself is indeed well done, especially under the conditions, both physical and emotional. I find the value of this photo as a documentary, striking; evidenced by initial comments and follow-ups by the same viewers literally years later. Juan, having been in this situation several times, I can only say that it stirs one's soul to view this image; it rattles our thoughts and reminds us that the simple love displayed by our devoted companions is a treasure. Thanks for sharing this with us.... Mike

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened." - Anon.

Nancy Barrett
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

One of the most complex and stirring images I've seen in a long time. Even if I hadn't seen the title or known the back-story, I would have been emotionally moved. Wow. But knowing the back-story makes me empathetic--I said goodbye to my two 20+ year old cats maybe 5 years ago and I still have a hard time looking at their portraits.

Art Xanthopoulos
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

All the emotions and feelings this image stirs have been expressed by everyone else (there is no need to rehash them; but that isn't to take away any of them or minimise their impact) Every now and then an image comes along that you find hard to take your eyes off. You look at it, feel something, and allow yourself to be taken by your emotions. Eventually you look away, continue with whatever it is you do, and then just when you least expect it that image finds it's way to the forefront of your thoughts. The need to view it again begins to build, resinates inside you like a drug, and you come back for one more look. This image does just that for me Juan. Over and over again I'm drawn to it. You have done your memory justice here. This image is like a moment in time, set in stone forever

Pnina Evental
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I will repeate what I wrote you before,about that bond between human and animals which is touching and well presented here. It is not only this one ,but that series with animals as well as your life mate photos , and story in your files, are creating the image of you as a human being and as a photographer.Congratulations Juan.

David McCracken
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I have to be honest and say I never really understood about commenting on a photo of the week. I am glad that an image is chosen but words usually fail me.

If the photo of the week has a purpose, then this image must surely epitomise its function. I must have missed this when perusing your portfolio. I am simply glad to have seen this. I am sure there are many more of many great images that I have missed.

C. Daunis
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Juan, this is a beautiful shot, worthy of Photo of the Week, but more than just that, worthy of inspection and understanding. It is "classically beautiful", whatever that means, and it's a punch to the sternum capturing emotion, and pure love, and a memory of an animal you called a friend.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna I have known Juan's work for a while, and have had more extensive commentaries on his images. Again, I do not find this image to be among his better work, so my commentary on this image does not reflect my view of his art or worldview. That said, I do agree with the previous commenter who suggested some more post-processing on the work to blend in the tones a bit more. Were this just some sterile image devoid of any depth, of course, I would quibble over that aesthetic consideration more.
But, as demonstrated by its deserved status as a POW, and the comments of others, this image has an emotional depth that commands the viewer's attention. It is that depth that give the picture its essence, and it is that same depth that bothers me. MODERATOR NOTE: Personal opinions on love for animals is not considered a critique and is potentially inflammatory and therefore has been deleted.

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I think it is an expressive and tender moment Juan caught here... Old age comes to all and dying is the inevitable payment for living in the world. But we don't go it alone.When we got our 9 y/o dog he was a puppy and now he and I are grayer, slower and both have our aches and pains. His end will be a peaceful slumber. if you have been involved in humane euthanasia, it is indeed " being put to sleep." These critters are our partners and if we didn't get attached to them like this subject we might never understand 'letting go.' The feeling of love comes across clearly but not maudlin and that is the only constant that surmounts the inevitable loss of our companions. There is both sadness,joy and tenderness in capturing images of our pets as they grow from puppy to mature and beyond and only we see into their hearts as they seem to sense ours. And I am so glad that some can cry in response. I wish I could more often, as it is the needed counterpoint to joy. I guess dogs have been with our species for 45,000 years...it shows!

A strong and worthy image for all who let a dog/cat steal our heart...

George Pennington
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Congratulations Juan and Eddy

Like a wonderful meal, when the chef knows his ingredients and has mastered his technical craft, the plate stands on its own. And first, we eat with our eyes, yes?

But how much better is the meal when we know the chef? When the chef comes to our table with a warm greeting to tell us about the ingredients and the inspiration behind the dish. Excellent food is even better when served with a memorable story as are so many of your eye-watering photographs.

If, by the way, everyone likes your food…you’re not feeding enough people.

Kim Slonaker
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

So glad your wonderful work is getting recognized, Juan. Animals become a part of our family and this one really portrays that connection many of us have with our canine & feline friends. Technically, this probably wouldn't be considered a perfect image, but emotionally it is a very perfect image. I can't look at this without getting drawn into it and feeling a profound sadness. You have a knack of drawing the viewer into experiencing pieces of your life.

Rick Cooper
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Darn fine shot. To lleh with the PSCS hooey hokum, slick tricks. This is pure, raw, natural photography that identifies, emphasizes and simplifies the subject. What a capture! What a shot! I am just a student, I have no agenda. This shot, like so many great shots, though not technically perfect, is so gut wrenchingly magnificent. Thank you, Juan for capturing and sharing the moment with me/us. You do a great justice to the art. Arthur Harold Cooper, NYIP Student

Juan De Santa Anna
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Pretty much speechless..
It has been rewarding to read all the comments. Always glad to see my girls leaving them in thought.
This image is even more special to me now...
Michael's quote "Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened." - Anon.
This one says it best for me...The best thing about it is that humans are animals as well...Us animals stick together...
Sometimes I do blurt things out...ok a lot of times I blurt things out... but this title was not...it came out with more of a sigh of sadness.
As for 15 minutes of melodrama...I gave a print of this to our small town Vet clinic. Now people come up to Eddy in the grocery store and say hey your that lady in the picture...They don't care who made the image...they just wanted to talk about their best animal friends with Eddy...
I appreciate these forums...all opinions are respected here...thank you mucho for all the honest comments on this....

Kristina Kraft
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Those valuable moments are captured so perfect. The tonality of lady and the dog is in harmony, which gives a great balance between emotional side and the technical one. Looking at her, I wonder what would be like to see a man instead of the dog, to see a couple in old days. That would be also dear and precious, exactly in that same manner.
As Art X said: "This image is like a moment in time, set in stone forever". Beautifuly said.

A.K. Sircar
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

When I saw the thumbnail, I presumed it be an image of a marble statue, sculpted by a Great Master, for its life-like quality. When I read the background of this image,I was touched . I wanted to share the love and grief of Juan. I am spellbound with the composition,exposure and tonal qualities of the image, except the white distractions pointed out by others. I feel it is the tone of the image, that accentuates the classical quality of this image. Had it been in colour, would it have the same impact? I doubt, very much. Juan, you are not alone. We all share your love and grief for a trusted companion.

Angel Fuentes
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Such a strong and beautiful photo, it provokes really strong feelings in the gut of sadness, but then it reminds you of how lucky we are to be able to establish such beautiful relationships with creatures that live their whole lives for you. Wonderful job

Jan Piller
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

This is touching and moving and in my opinion that's what makes a great photo - one that can tell a story. A very successful photo IMHO.

Xiao Cai
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Lighting is terrible, and very confused about what the focus is on. If it were me, I would not take this shot!

Emma Parra
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Strong feelings move me when i look this dramatic and lovely scene, it's like this one hugs my soul, my being. I don`t that light it's a problem, the light have done the sensation of two beautiful statues. Congratulations. Wonderful work!!!!!!

Federico D'Isep
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Juan, your image is very expressive: it reminds to friendship and flowing of time. The B/W tones and the contrast are good but i don't like very much ligting. On the whole a beautiful B/W work. Best regards.

Juan De Santa Anna
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

More Thanks for more honesty...This was a candid shot made with window light...I pre focused on something else and turned and made this shot. Scaning the negative to post on P.nut...As much as I love B&W photography...I have yet to be even close to consistant with my chemicals... my printed version has more contrast than what appears on my monitor...makes me think that there are as many versions of this as there are monitors?
Emma...the vision of this image hugging your soul....is a hug to mine...Thank you for that...juan

H Christopher Heyerdahl
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I learned quite a bit from looking at your picture and reading the comments. I have several pets including a huge dog, so at first glance, I saw an image of a woman hugging a likable dog. A nice image I can relate emotionally to but I dear say that the image as such leaves a little bit to be desired as commented on by others.
Second, when I noticed the title of your image my perception of the image changed dramatically and gave it a very different emotional content. Furthermore, given the circumstances when it was taken I also became much more willing to accept the image as it is. I have never cared much about titles, however your image really showed my how important a title can be both with respect to interpreting the image and its technical merits.
Finally, I have never really thought much about how important the viewers different personal background will be in interpreting an image. However, the comments to your image clarly show that the image speaks very differently to people who have had the sad experience of puting a loving companion to its final rest and those that have not. For some it is just a clinical issue, while for me, you and several others it is a most profound experience eminently captured by your image and its title.

Janis OKelley
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Juan this touched me when you posted the shot ....whenever it was. It is beautiful and deep and emotional and professional. So deserving of POW. Congratulations!

Kristina Kraft
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Looking at your portfolio, I see that you two are the couple! That's realy beautiful to grow old with someone. I never saw in a real life that kind of love and inspiration in an old couple.
I hope I'm right, Juan.

Katherine Michael
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

This photo is so hard for me to view. It is so emotional and touching in a most basic way. I couldn't comment until now and I will freely admit that this makes me cry. Sure there are a few things about it that might be improved. The vertical line is a little distracting. I personally find that this is one those photos where things like that become unimportant. The raw power of emotion contained here override everything else. This is photography in it's most important aspect IMO. Capturing the bittersweet taste of life and connecting us to our past so we can continue to feel on that deepest level. I saw this and immediately missed my old kitty who went to sleep 5 years ago. He lived with me for 22 of his 23 years. With love comes loss and this photo sums it all up. I personally like the contrast. It adds to the mood.

Regards, Katherine

Mark Balcom-Wolf
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

My personal memories parallel this photo's story and some of the comments about sharing our lives with animals and losing them, but without knowing its title or any details I was drawn to this image as soon as I saw the thumbnail image.
In my initial scan of the main page it took a couple of seconds for my mind to sort out that the subjects were live and not a sculpture. The monochromatic tone, how the subjects bridge across the frame and extend outside it, delicate light tones, detail, and emotion are great enough to satisfy me without the story. Though, if it had not been shared I know I would wonder. A most evocative and beautiful image.
Thanks for posting it.

Fred Frank
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

A very touching, emotional image Juan. Pure feeling between Eddy and Sadie is something that can't be staged or reproduced, it just happens and you photographed it well. I don't think the light from the door detracts anything from the photo. It's not something I even noticed until I read comments. Sometimes a flaw or percieved flaw just makes it more real and personal, like something handmade as opposed to something manufactured. Congratulations on the POW. See you in Glacier someday. Fred

thanksfor thefish
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

So nice to drop by and discover you to be the latest member of the P.Nut gallery, congrats. I've enjoyed seeing some of my favourite photographers at PN receive well deserved accolades recently.

That you bring your considerable skill as a photographer to bare on so many of life's touching moments is a testament to your commitment as an artist to convey images filled with the  truths of your to day to day life. You offer us a touching, sometimes warm, sometimes bittersweet, always honest,  window into your own life, and in so doing, you touch upon much of what  is universal.  I'm not sure I could  have pulled myself together sufficiently to take a photo at such a time, let alone such a masterful photo.
 Having shared my life with canine pals since childhood, I have been at this crossroad too often.You have captured the soul of these sweet sorrows. Eddy with her eyes shut, her and Sadie pressing their foreheads together as they commune their good-byes is such a universal gesture, it cuts through language and species barriers and gets right to the core of the matter. My heart to hearts are often conducted in the exact same posture, so this brings a flood of memories some sweet, some sad. I'm gonna shut up now before this flood of memories swamps my comment completely.
I'm glad this was shot with film, the grain works beautifully here. The image seems a tiny bit soft in focus, which plays perfectly into the soft window light and the  smooth grain to give an overall gentle feel.
As for the poles in the background I think they are fine, burned in as they are. I do not think I would want to see a pure black background. I like that there is some slight sense of place to the image. A uniform background would look somehow staged. It is  the  sincerity  of the scene  which infuses the photo  with such powerful emotion.

Warren Kaplan
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

A very honest capture of an expression I've witnessed over and over again in my professional life during the past 40 years.
As for the photo itself, I think choosing not to use color was all important, as color would distract the viewer from experiencing the actual intensity of the emotion that is the subject of the photo in the first place.

Carey Moulton
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I think the photograph can be appreciated as friendship, or as consolement, or as tenderness. But as is, it only speaks to goodbye, which is what I was trying to say with my previous comment.

Doug Williams
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Rarely can one look at a photo and say this is a powerful image. There is so much emotion and the light and composition only add to the feeling.

Tiffany Brook
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

It's about time that the elves recognized this image! Congrats to both of you and sweet Sadie's spirit.

Dolores Basinger
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

The title certainly adds to the photo but the photo standing alone is powerful. Great work. Thanks. Dee

J Perez
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Sad to say...as often as I have been to your portfolio I had not noticed this picture. It just tells me how insensitive I am to things unless they are big and in front of my face. This is one special photo. It deserves to be POW. Cheers, J

Dale Mellor
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I rather feel this is spoiled by the caption, which, apart from making the
picture very morbid, denies the viewer the oportunity to explore their own
emotional reaction to the image.

Take the caption away and the image represents a true kaleidoscope of emotional
states, all of which are in flux.

The overwhelming sensation is that of the hard hands on the soft downy fur; a
bitter-sweet collage where warmth and ethereal cold meet amidst a sea of
uncertainty. Perhaps the dog has been missing a week, and when all hope was
abandoned the animal has returned, wincing in pain and limping on three legs,
the fourth a useless broken limb that is a painful burden just to hold out of
the way. For all the joy of being re-united with a loved pet, there is the
overbearing torrent of pain in the knowledge that the animal needs to be put
down at the earliest possible opportunity for its own good. And in this moment
of imminent doom, the animal is as placid and unknowing as the day it was born,
all problems both forgotten and in any case not understood, but the dog has
clearly come to the moment knowing that the love of its owner will be its last

Technically the photograph is superb: the mix of hard and soft texture, hard and
soft light, and hard and soft detail gives the image a sublime landscape over
which to wander; the focus completely central gives the image a definite impact
from which all else flows.

And ultimately the viewer will ascribe to the image the exact sentiments which
the caption so rudely espouses, but at least by ignoring the caption the viewer
can enter into and explore the emotional intensity of the scene.

Xiao Cai
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

So much talking about emotion here. .. But I don’t know what of the emotion talking about here related to a photograph. There are many emotion things happened in our day life, can you just take a photograph of these emotion things and call this photograph good? Please don’t forget viewers - that is a most important thing a photographer should remember …

Rick Cooper
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

^ Pray for the hearts of stone. What exactly is the most important thing that I, a photographer, should remember, grasshopper? Jaun has captured a moment in his life that stings his heart. He captured that precise essence at the correct emotive moment. He had the 3 most important aspects of photography just about covered. He 1. Identified the subject 2. Emphasized the subject and 3. Simplified the subject and still captured the moment.
This is real life photography of the human condition in America, in Montana and in Juan's home. This was not a studio moment, get the portait lens, dim the Wescotts, check the DOF..........This was CAPTURE the moment, the last good bye of a loved companion, forever. Well done Juan. Many of us love our animals in America, we don't think of them as food as in some cultures.

Xiao Cai
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

That is a reason why in America to separate God from Government, but please don’t think a politician in America don’t believe God. Pray just let pray if that is only way to make you feel better...

Sonia Mason
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Dearest Juan, Congratulations!!! You well deserved the POV. This is a beautiful photo with just the right atmosphere and emotion. Perfect tones and contrasts. Fabulous! I love it

Sky Blue
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Damn, Juan! Did you have to win POW with such a sad photograph. My condolences - I've known this feeling before. Of course, the lives represented in the photo carry all of it's value. You always do a magnificent job of telling the story. Very meaningful since you so often pour your life into your photographs. Thanks for letting your camera share so much of these moments.
Regards to all, ~Sky

Juan De Santa Anna
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I have learned a ton from all these comments...Some things about this image work some...for others...it does not.
Always...I do my art for me...first. Always happy if others can find some enjoyment in my work...
Sometimes I'll give a title while I make it...sometimes along time after...sometimes they work and sometimes they suck. Calling this "A woman and a dog" or Untitled just would not work for me...If I effect someones imagination by posting a title...that was my intent....as the artist I feel that's my choice.
Truth is we all see through our own eyes and our own hearts...sometimes we see only what we choose to see...ok mostly...
What makes a photograph good for me is the moment I made it...the minute I print it...the opportunity to hang it..or the feelings that go with it.
Xiao...a photo that brings up emotions does not always mean that it is a good one...maybe it just means that the emotions needed to be felt again....some images do that for some people...your critiques of this image seemed to me, to be on the emotional side as well...although I am not sure why.... anyways I am thankful for your comments.
As my 15 minutes of fame fades away...I thank you you all for your opinions. .... all of them are well received...
now I look forward to visiting your portfolios.... juan

Tiffany Brook
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Beautiful commentary on your comments Juan. I should have known that you were a poet too. Hey...so can you help me write a blasted artists statement???? Oh...did I confuse photography with art again? I meant...a work statement (>8

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I was thinking about titles. If you called it "Love" it would evoke some of the same stirring qualities we like in a document of one's life- which you are sharing. Private moments that can resonate with others is what photography has meant to me. It is pushing away the objective analysis and getting into a story of imagination and empathy. We all have moments when the love gets bared for the world. Techincal questions are irrelevant, although it is certainly a good choice for a monochrome work. I write again because I looked again and I still am drawn to the subject and the couple both. I wish you well in your personal odyssey, Juan. gs

Juan De Santa Anna
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Thanks Gerry..."Love" would have been a good title as well...for sure! I appreciate that you enjoy this as much as I do...The title thing really gets many folk's panties twisted up...maybe I photograph beacuse I can't paint...maybe I like to title my images because I am not a writer...Since I print many of my images... my feeling towards the piece IMO needs to be honored with a name...many times I have wondered why someone had titled an image as they had...usually I shrug my shoulders and give it my own title...Nothing wrong with a title like..."untitled # 48596" just seems a little impersonal or unfinished to me...How can a person spend so much time pre-conceptualizing/ visualizing an image and not give it a title? I guess that's the beauty of art...we all do it differently...at the time of this photo...we were saying good by and appreciating our years of friendship and loyalty to each other...I have sadness for those who do not get the chance to experience this bond... on the other hand it's probably a whole lot easier to say Good By for them. Thanks so much for your suggestions and warm thoughts...juan

Dongchuan Lu
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

A Poetic image!!! The title should be " It is hard to see you off !"

Sam Drake
Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

I found it interesting that I could not tell who in this photo was the one saying goodbye.

Lesa Jones
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

My friend Juan--- way to go! congrats on POW. Just imagine we knew each other when.... you have POW, I have an image published in May's Pop Photo Mag. :) Seriously, I adore this image, and think the affection displayed between your wife and the beautiful animal more than outweigh those aforementioned distractions. Congrats....LJ

Stephan Dietrich
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Wow! Congratulations on the POW! A very powerful image indeed. First off, I am so sorry for your loss of Sadie. Our dogs and pets become very attached to us and fill our hearts with so much - - beyond words, unconditional love, respect and loyalty ... I believe it goes both ways. Second, thanks for sharing this special image with us - - it is absolutely amazing, especially in B&W. The love, joy, tears, pain and highest respect and honor shine through this image. Your two best friends. It is difficult to add to all that has been said above, but it is very clear that this image is worthy of a POW and to be placed in a gallery. We are dealing with our first dog, Lila, at present - - we have been blessed to have her for 16 years now. Highest regards and respect -- an absolutely amazing image Juan!

marta cajiao
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Aesthetics aside...GREAt picture and it makes me want to ask who the lady is? Not only that but what a beautiful crafted black and white photo...mere words can't convey feeling evoked! Thanks for sharing!

David Meyer
Response to Saying good-by by Juan De Santa Anna

Juan, congratulations on this image and POW. I was on the road, when this hit the bigtime, and just now found it. It's an emotional blockbuster as you know, and it kind of transcends the normal critique protocol. Wonderful work.

Juan De Santa Anna
Saying good-by These are my girls...Sadie, on the right, went on a biscuit run last year...

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