by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 2nd of January 2006 06:34:05 PM


John Peri
No problem Pan. To reply to a critique of your photo, just click on CONTRIBUTE A CRITIQUE below the one made to you. Best wishes, John

Pan Giannakis
Another wonderfull nude study. Great work. Sorry if i answer your question about my picture here but i'm totaly lost in this site and i cannot find out how it works (replies, critiqies notification, everything).My picture is made of 2 pictures, a wall and an IR landscape.Coloured the landscape in sepia, blended with the original in linear burn mode and the the wall in overlay mode.Finaly i adjusted levels and contrast.

Jim Hayes
Seeing her, is like running into an old friend. Give her all of our best.JH

John Peri
Figure in garden Scanned from a print, so the resolution is not so good.

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