1970 Plymouth Cuda on the Bonneville Salt Flats after a rain storm. Reflections are real, no photoshop trickery.

by Evans Greg

plymouth cuda on the bonneville salt flats after rain storm reflections real photoshop evans greg

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Published: Monday 2nd of January 2006 12:11:26 AM


George Thomas
100% life long GM guy who was in love with these "other" muscle cars when they hit the road. This photo lights it up for me again, thanks. Looks like Chrysler may put this model back on the road soon.

Derek Rader
AWESOME! Greg, My Dad used to have a red AAR, wow, where are the keys, because you made it look real! I wish there was a 8/8, but I guess I have to settle on 7/7. Agree with positioning to the left would make it easier for the eyes, regardless, Sh*t Hot Job!

Giovanni Nug
are you not afraid of going on the ice like that? How do you know it was solid ice and that it would have been thick enough to substain the car's weight? Still awsome shot!

Ricky Gust
'Cuda Gorgeous shot...makes the eye move...great contrast, makes me wish they still made cars this way. Fantastic shot! RG.

Mark Lindamood
the definitive car photo. put it on the next Voyager spacecraft.

Pascal Henry
Why not consider a square crop?

Michael Smith
first car shot i've looked at on this site, rest haven't attracted me. fantastic

Leann Greene
Stunning image-colors and reflection. Its kind of funny that you did a Plymouth at a Pontiac name sake.

Will King
Even, if was photoshop'd, it would still be an awesome image. This is a great shot, actually I would have been more impressed indeed if it were photoshop'd.

Hannu Eskelinen
Outstanding place to shoot cars.

Hashim A
This is outstanding...

Greg Evans
Thank you for all the comments. I struggled with the car facing out of the frame for a while as well, but this photo ended up growing on me and is now one of my favorite from this shoot. I will be posting others from this shoot as well so please watch for them. Greg Evans

Curtis Forrester
Excellent! Great image although I also think the subject needs to be more to the left!

Julie Styles
Me too Mark! I just wish there were a driver to match (not just anyone would do).

Matthew Leong
wow u must be kidding, splendid 7/7

Ross Thomson
this is a nice shot. for me it has one flaw. the car is on wrong side.

James Oluoch-Olunya
If no PP trickery then this is an absolutely stunning picture!

Jon Bevan-Pritchard
Truly Outstanding

Mark Nagel
Awsome! Not sure whats cooler, the car or the photo. 7/7

Sarah Pasha
Great Car. I don't know but the free space on the left side is dull and the car wheels turned right. More space on right would appear more logical IMO.

Derek Moore
Excellent image, worthy of any commercial photographers portfolio.

Christopher Appoldt
I'd say the comp is fine. This and your other auto posts are fantastic - hope these will print large - their owners are going to want them that way!

Francisco Pinto

Matt DelSesto
F***kin' awsome!!!

Ron Adair
Greg, Bountiful, eh? I'm from Logan, personally. Been in Cache Valley for about 16 years now, until a year ago. I started school in Santa Barbara (at Brooks Institute of Photography) last January. It's been a great experience. I'll tell you though, you have a knack for cars. I feel that I am fairly skilled in a couple of different areas, but automotive is something I have neither tried a whole lot of, nor had much success in, at least not as of yet. I respect your photos even more knowing you're just getting started. Who's cars are you getting ahold of, and is this a paid gig, or just fun trial/error type stuff? Are you on these shoots basically alone, or do you have group/crew helping out? I think we can all learn something from your ambitious efforts...

Mark Anthony Kathurima
This is fabuloso! :)

Best regards from kenya, Mark

John Barclay
Hate to be a dissenter.. While this is almost a terrific image I feel like the left side of it is wasted space. I really think it would be a whole lot stronger and more comfortable to the eye if the car were on the left side of the frame... Then the space that would be on the right side would not feel so empty... Just my opinion of course but hey this is a critique site right?

Greg Evans
Thank You Thank you for all the positive comments. I've been trying to become more confident in my photography and your comments go a long way. Ron, I'm from Bountiful, how about yourself?

Dave Holland
Wow, a great car photo from Bountiful, Utah. I actually like that open space to the left side. It adds a dynamic feel, offsetting enough to be different than a formulaic, commercial image. Also, this one might be used to deliver a message, needing open space for advertising.

Michael Allmaier
wow... well done...a really great image.... :-o)

George Williams
catch me if u can!!!! excellent picture,tone,color.the car may be composed on the left side of t picture....

Julie Styles
Nice job on the repositioning Ron. At first I preferred it because it conformed more with my expectations for what makes a good composition. But I think after looking for a while I prefer the original, mainly because the brightest part of the pic is the side of the car, and I like having that near the middle. Plus the composition seems somehow cleaner and simpler.

Brian B
Let me ad my "stunning shot". How did you create that shade of blue and so uniform in tone? Thanks really an outstanding capture.

Pascal Henry
And a great car as well... beautyful shot 7/7

Joe Tackett
NICE>>>> 7/7

Ron Adair
7/7 From Utah myself. What part are you in? I've been out there a few times, and to be honest, I think I should be congratulating you on not getting the car stuck even more than the beautiful photograph. I heard quite a few bad stories about cars sinking up to the frame and being too far out to be towed out. About the photo, I think this one is underrated, for sure. I can't say it's anything less than perfect. The car looks magnificent, the reflection is a beauty, the color is great. I don't know what anybody could ask for more. Someone mentioned that the car pointing out of the frame was somewhat bothersome to them at first...I think it adds more, not less, to the photograph. Certainly the best one of your car shots yet, though they are all nice. I'm extremely impressed.

Greg Evans
Paid gig?? I wish, maybe someday. Right now I basically pay the car owners (with one free 12x18 print) to take the photos. I have sold quite a few but nowhere near enough to even come close to recouping equipment cost let alone to pay for my time. I think that the marketing part of photography is WAY harder than making the images. Just need to get the photos in front of the right person or group. Like you noted I am just a beginning photographer with no formal training so just having fun and trying to put together a portfolio that may be worth something to me someday. No I dont have a staff or crew, I think that I wouldnt like to work that way. It would be way to hard to deal with keeping their reflections out of the shots, more people to cause ripples in the water etc. A typical shoot would be just myself, sometimes the car owner and a friend. The friend is basically there to keep the car owner company while i do my thing as well as repositioning the vehicles from time to time, flashing headlights etc. Regarding the question about how I made this shot so consistantly blue? Thats just how it turned out. I have hunderds of other raw photos from this shoot and that is just the natural colors. Results are very different each time I shoot at this location which i never expected due to this being basically a very colorless, lifeless, extremely flat part of the world. Regards, Greg Evans

Joshua Chou
7/7 "John Barclay , January 01, 2006; 10:56 P.M. While this is almost a terrific image I feel like the left side of it is wasted space. I really think it would be a whole lot stronger and more comfortable to the eye if the car were on the left side of the frame... Then the space that would be on the right side would not feel so empty... Just my opinion of course but hey this is a critique site right? " I agree with what he said you see, the car is facing towards RIGHT therefore it MIGHT be better if the car is placed on the left side of the picture but let's not be too anal here this picture is awesome and if would be happy to death if i was the one that took this picture. do you mind telling us what technical detail you did to shoot this pic ? the shutter speed and the f stop and etc ? great pic, i enjoyed viewing it !

Tiina Haasma
wow ! really good shot ! thank you ! 7/7

Greg Evans
Hey Kim Barton Kim, I have actually done some work in your neck of the woods too. I am an architect (day job) and our office designed the Vernal 8th District Court building. Maybe you have seen it. We are even working on a proposal as I speak to design a new recreation center for Vernal City. I have a couple of pics of the court at www.spe-architect.com.

Mari Mar
Wonderful, I was there, it is incredible. Well done job, the Court Building is great too, Greg, congratulations!

Andrew P. Grant
Very, very cool.

Petri Volanen
This is ART.

Matjaz Antloga
how many comments on this one. One of best car pictures I ever seen. I would drive car like this with no hesitate. Now I'm struggling with Mazda 626 '93.

Richard Thompson
I've photographed the bolivian salt plains so I 100% understand there is no trickery here ! I would have liked to have seen the car on the left, pointing right, with the mountain exactly where it is. This would have definitely improved composition. Excellent shot though !

Andras Kovacs
- Absolutely beautiful. It's a bit weird, that the car looks outside of the photograph and composed to the right. I would be happy to see something on the left (ie. a mountain), that would be slightly better composition.

Steve Renwick
Looks like you had a rare opportunity and took full advantage of it. Nice. Side issue: you DID wash the underside of the car afterwards? Nothing promotes rust quite like salt water.

Keith Sherwin
Hi Greg, firstly, what an amazing photo. - I can't think of any way to make it better but for 1... People might slate me for this but If a shot is this good, you (IMO) need to use P.S. to clone out the black line in the bottom right corner. best regards, Keith

Greg Evans
Thanks and some explaination of shot. Thank you so much for all of the comments on this photo. I'm flattered that this photo is still invoking conversation, debate and comments after all this time. It's interesting how some people are so insistent that all "rules of photography" are followed to a "T" and how some people are able to see the benefit of breaking the rules at times. I personally prefer the photo with the car to the right (as submitted) but still love to hear and appreciate others opinions. To be honest, I couldn?t place my finger on the exact reason that I liked it better until reading David Scott's comment. He hit the nail on the head with his breakdown of the photo and was able to verbalize (where I couldn't) why I like it this way. Thanks David, great evaluation and comment. Bonsignore Ezio, you had questions about how the car got there without leaving footprints etc. The salt flats are a perfectly flat layer of salt, many miles wide, and probably 18" or so thick, hard as concrete. When it rains the water just sits on top of the salt and the salt still stays fairly hard. There is no mud, plant life, animals or any signs of life for miles. If you view some of my other photos you may see the salt better when dry. We drive the car trailer out onto the salt and unload the car in the position that it needs to be in for the photo shoot. When the car is repositioned the tires and wheels do need to be sprayed down with clean water otherwise the salt in the water dries fairly quickly on the tires leaving a white film. Oh, and yes, after the shoot, the cars go straight to a car wash to be thoroughly cleaned off. Thanks again for all of the interest and keep the comments comming......

Ken Thalheimer
Amazing capture, especially the natural reflection. I think I would prefer the car at the left side of the frame as well. The mountains would then give a nice balance on the right

John MacPherson
"John Barclay , January 01, 2006; 10:56 P.M. While this is almost a terrific image I feel like the left side of it is wasted space. I really think it would be a whole lot stronger and more comfortable to the eye if the car were on the left side of the frame... Then the space that would be on the right side would not feel so empty... Just my opinion of course but hey this is a critique site right? " With all due respect to John and his opinion, I thoroughly disagree. I think the composition is excellent. Why? Because this is one of those shots that should have big space to show where its come from (left) but I have no idea where it's going afterwards, out to the right of the frame. In the absence of seeing where it's headed, it's left to my imagination to picture it off burbling down a road somewhere. The partly turned wheels add a subtle but vital element to this effect. Often the magic in images is whats left out of the composition. This is one such picture. Excellent work, I applaud your commitment and photographic ability. JOHN www.john-macpherson-photography,com

Carolyn Dalessandro
Pure beauty!

Roger Olson
This is a great shot. Great detail, colors, I really like it. I would also have preferred, for the sake of balance to see the car on the left side. A minor detail that does not detract from what is a very fine picture. My compliments.

Bonsignore Ezio
I wouldn't doubt for a moment you statement about this superb image not being a PS creation, but then: how was the car driven to that point, without leaving any track? How did the driver leave the car, without leaving footprints or creating mud splashes? Perhaps the car was already parked there, before the rainfall? or there is something I don't understand, about the nature of salt beds with water on top? I'm absolutely not "challenging" you - I'm just plain curious.

David Scott
I'm amazed by the people who want the car to be on the left side of the frame. That would reduce this picture to something far less than it is. That would reduce it to "beautiful -- but predictable". Yes, the rules are that you should leave space in front of any moving object (or object that would normally be moving like a car or a plane.) There are lots of other rules too, like the rule of thirds. This photo plays by most of the rules, and breaks one big one, to great effect. By choosing to place the object near to travelling out of frame, it creates an out-of-kilter feel. Photographers and filmmakers use that effect to create excitement, a sense of danger. Watch a film where someone feels trapped and claustrophobic, they will often be framed to the edge with no leading space. Similarly, in a fight or a chase scene, a sense of danger or the unexpected can be created. Certainly, the subject matter of this photo deserves that treatment. A muscle car should engender the feeling of speed, danger, and excitement, even when sitting still. And even when looking beautiful. Wonderful shot.

Jim Baker
7/7 amazing capture... amazing... i can't say it enough... amazing. i just picked up a copy of 'ride' magazine because i have a shoot coming up with a couple that both own cammaros and i've never shot cars before... so i've added you to my 'interesting photographers' list. if you have the time, some tips would be appreciated? cheers jim baker

Robert G.
Cool shot Very nice !

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Yeah, I had the same question about how the car got there, but, I'll accept your explanation. For my money, I prefer the car on the left side, as it "reads" better, so to speak. Still an excellent image, regardless.

Paulo Cortez
Amazing!!! BTW, I've transferred the Cuda to left side with the oldie MS Photo Editor. Sorry Greg but, IMHO, it looks better that way although still a minor composition detail - we don't have always to play by the rules... Anyway, greeeeeeeaat picture!!!

John Liow
Unorthodox framing but it works! Great shot!

Bryan Kelley
So Many Critics Follow the rules or bend them this is the choice of your composition. 7/7 from me, and as to the rules these questions belong amongst the same bloke who asked "how did you not break through the ice."

Alex Lloyd-Ribeiro
Great car, even better surroundings. The reflection is incredible. 7/7 Alex

Robert Pierrard
Absolutely Amazing! There is a great soft tone too it, as well as the beautiful forms, and the contrast is perfect! Favourite!

Jack Mitchell
Background I think the positioning of the car to the right was done for a reason as most PC's have icons on the left of the desktop and therefore you can use this image very well for a desktop background. I think the car is very good on the background.

Cynthia H
This is just incredible!! Such great detail and such a magical location!

Mike Ellison
Excellent All the same complements given above really. I do like the composition. Doesn't follow camera club rules of composition... thank goodness!!!!

Greg Evans
1970 Cuda - Salt Flats This shot was taken on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The reflections are real with no PP trickery.

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