Cunningham Falls

by Szulecki Joshua

cunningham falls seeking critique szulecki joshua

Gallery: Waterfalls and Flowing Water

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Saturday 31st of December 2005 06:57:45 PM


Stephen H
I think better exposure (or maybe scanning) would improve the shot, myself. You've also run into that bane of waterfall photographers, the Ugly Log. (The other bane is the Multitude of Tourists, which you avoided here!). Only solution I found to that was photograph small waterfalls close up. In this case, it looks like you might could have gotten up past the log in question.

Joshua Szulecki
Cunningham Falls - Underexposed For some reason I like this underexposed (intentional) shot. It is underexposed because I was fiddling with the shutter to see how far it is off. It is slow by about 1/2 to 1 stop, but not reliably. Somebody needs a CLA.

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