Quechua Women

by Hollis Lucy

quechua women seeking critique hollis lucy

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Published: Saturday 31st of December 2005 12:13:15 PM


Ken Krueger
I love it and your story about how it was taken. I think it is a perfect photo 7/7 in every way that you want to analyze it. Taxi drivers can be very helpful to us photographers.

Ada Ipenburg
This is a wonderful picture with an interesting intro, Lucy. I love the cheerful colours of the traditional dress of the women and the extensive and impressive landscape in the background. The searching glance of the woman at the right visible betrays her inner thoughts because of the 'strangers'. In both senses of the word your very nice frame works here as a window to an unknown world. Great job you've done here! Best Regards, Ada.

Christopher Appoldt
Agreed, this is fantastic. The colors, the comp, the background - all work together to transmit the story. Really a great portfolio, Lucy. I usually like to pick a favorite and write a while on why, but you have too many great ones. Will mark you as 'interesting' and watch for more from your travels!

Marc G.
Very posed, but very neat. I am nevrtheless wondering whetherthe central woman's expression is in fact interesting or slightly 'off" for long term viewing. In short, will these 2 expressions - the other one being so stiff - bore me or keep on intriguing me after a couple of weeks seeing this picture on a wall for example. Good picture, but the test of time on expressions is such an important part of personal appreciation of people photography ! :-) Regards.

Ed Harris
Nice Colors... Lucy, Great colors and interesting expressions. I like the way that you framed the two ladies.

Ektor Coughanour
Hi Lucy! Great shot here!...From that magic and wonderful country of Peru...Love the capture, perspective, sharpness and colours...Saludos from Mexico.

Alec Eiffel
Nice portrait, the woman in the foreground is a bit static but the second one clearly makes the shot with her suspicious glance. Composition is OK, I can guess that the tilted horizon is because of the lanscape structure itself.
Colors are nicely rendered, I prefer more realistic colors like yours to overly saturated ones. The sky is washed out but I imagine you didn't have much latitude left to work with.
Regards, Fred.

Lucy Hollis
Quechua Women We stopped in our taxi along the side of the road to give these women a bit of food. Our taxi driver knew we were into photography, so he asked them for us (they only spoke Quechua - the language of the native indians) to stand for a photo. There were three of them and they shuffled into a completely straight line for us - not very photogenic! I took this photo as they were leaving, with the second one now trying to figure out who these weird people (us!) actually were.

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