May lake waiting

by Ozgur Mehmet

may lake waiting seeking critique ozgur mehmet

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Category: Landscape

Published: Friday 30th of December 2005 02:50:01 PM


Yinka Oyelese
Excellent Wonderful panorama. Will, the difference between a hard and soft graduated neutral density filter has to do with the edge, or transition zone. A hard filter has an abrupt transition (hard edge) while a soft one has a more gradual transition, fading in the GND effect Best wishes and Happy New Year Yinka

Satish Nair
Well composed panorama. My only suggestion would be to simultaneously try another set of shots without a polarizer, because of the unevenly darkened sky it tends to produce (which is evident in this image). There also seems to be a vertical transition zone 2/3 of the way to the right.. maybe a combined effect of the polarizer and the stitching process.

Will King
Mehmet, I'm a big fan of your work. This is a breathtaking shot. Might be a bit too dark right above the peak of the mountain. What's the difference between a soft and hard filter?

Mehmet Ozgur
Sky Unevenness of the sky color did not disturb me as much. However, i'd agree that the darkneess right in the middle seems a bit too much. At the same time, I'd like to point out that with or without polarizer the sky color will be uneven! Try shooting 200+ degree panoramas and see it yourself. In any event, the change of sky color is rather simple fix compared to the effort put in shooting and stitching this panorama. Regarding Satish's comment about shifted horizon, all I can say is that this is a small lake, not a sea where you would expect to see the real horizon. I am not saying my stitching job is perfect, but you can't really see the stitching error from this size of an image as I work with <20 pixels fit. And 20 pixels corresponds ~1 pixel here. Also, I checked the high-res image in PS again, I cannot see any sigfinicant shift.

Mike Williams
Awesome shot, only thing is sky seems a little too dark in center of image. Might just be my taste, but overall incredible!

Andrey Antov
Perfect shot, could not wish for more.

Henri Manguy
Very beautiful panoramic view.

Mehmet Ozgur
May Lake waiting Another stitched panorama (6 images). This time images were taken with polarizer and 0.6 soft GND filter. There were distracting shadows on the foreground, I blurred them somewhat to minimize their effect. Happy new year,

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