Digital Darkroom

by Gordley James

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Published: Friday 30th of December 2005 02:34:26 AM


Michael Raddatz
I agree with Kim on the hands being off. Looks like a levels adjustment has brought skin a little muddy on my monitor. Cool image!

James Gordley
Thank You Ed and Kim, Thank you both for taking the time to coment on this picture. Kim I have looked and looked at the hands, and Im not seeing the "off" bit. Help me out if you have the time and show me what you mean.

Kim Ramsey
yep I think you did a great job. And it was a very original idea. I think it is perfect suited for what you are considering for its use. There is something off just a tiny bit. I'm not sure what. You might try different opacity levels with the hands? I don't know. I really like it. Good job and very creative :)

Ed Harris
Creative Pretty Creative. I like what you did with the hand. Good job. Ed Harris

James Gordley
Levels / Curves Tweaked and adjusted to come up with what I think is a little better. You let me know if I hit the mark. Thanks ahead of time.

James Gordley
Kim, I hope you didn't think I was angree or upset in any way about your helpful critiqe. That is what I asked for, I was just unable to see in my minds eye what you were seeing in yours. I like the idea of changing the opacity on the hands...maybe even adding some motion blur. Thank you very much for following up, and please don't stop giving your opinion... Best regards James

Kim Ramsey
I can't help you out, because I don't have the original photos to work with. However, I'm sure you worked with creating layers. When I say 'off', lets remember that this is my opinion and it is subjective. After all, this is an original creation. So, I'm looking at it and saying to myself...I think I might have done this or that differently. So, in my I had created this image, I would have put the hands at different opacity/transparent levels. Maybe one had at 100%, another at 75%, and the third at 50%. My personal opinion is that the 3 hands weren't needed to get this point across. The one had on the left side of the photo with more of the hand showing would have been powerful enough. but, this is good and remember, you asked for a critique so I am just nitpicking!! :)

James Gordley
An illustration for use in a digital darkroom course that teaches Photoshop Elements 3 I am thinking about using this image in a course for PSE3 any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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