by Hüttenhain Sascha

untitled siegen canon eos d mark ii mm fl usm seekin httenhain sascha

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 29th of December 2005 01:02:01 PM


Ron Charlton
Classic art. Beautiful. 7/7



Milos Mashed
Perfect ! I like so much

Ariel R. Ameri
Ciao The Most Talented Photo of This Month,Stunning me , Tones of Speciality ...

Michael Stumpf
Sascha, I would dare say this is very nearly an abstract. Thin lines and diagonal contrast of eyes and breasts accentuated by legs yet forced by arm. Nice work. Mike

parvin dabas

Xenomer C.
Excellent Excellent composition.

Ehtasham ul haq
Ehtasham ul haq Although the composition is too complicated, the body shape and lines make it disturbing to me, but the over all impact is very powerfull and very good... and i belive that photographer achieved what he wanted to show us... regards...6/6

simon kim
Perpect !

Ugur Atila
hi realy perfect... congs.

Salih Güler
7/7 excellent...cong.

Pulok Pattanayak
Excellent work!

Vi P
Amazing....... so shy and so gentle, so calm and so peaceful... the eye is curious, but the curiocity is calm... The lines.... the tones... can't really say anything. Beautiful. Best Nude I've ever seen.

Kristian Haflan
Wonderful Beautiful curves and lines..great technique! K..

Mehmet Ozgur
fresh love the composition, idea, and execution. very well done!

Rob Wray
Exceptional work An excellent high key effect that impresses me with the detail. Excellent :)

Milan Krepelka

Palmi Einarsson

Marco Giardini
fantastic. Great shot!! .oesse.

John North
Well done!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Agree w/ everyone, this is a stunning shot in every aspect!

Daniel Demers
Superbe! Wow! What a nice eyekey! portrait. The tonality and curves are so symetric it is just incredible. The sensuality of the model and her look is really well captured. 7/7 Keep on the good works!

Jay Philbrick
I love the lines of this composition. Beautiful job with the lighting and processing effect.

Alon Eshel
EXCELLENT Sorry but I'm ............ Speechless

George Chew
Greetings, Excellent high key photo and perfect exposure, not to mention the mysterious eys. Perfect. Enjoy...

Stefan Beutler
na endlich... hast du den weg zu photo.net gefunden :o) f�r mich immer noch eines deiner besten fotos. von mir eine 7/7

Extra 7/7 -ordinary - beautifully done

Nibir Hazarika
Fantafabulous! 7/7. Nothing to critique! Could you please share how you got the effect? Hats off to a maestro :)

Dirk Juergensen

Harold Rife
Well composed, I love the lines, I had trouble pulling my eyes from the art!

Robert Marleau
a wonderful portrait, the curly lines and the softness of the whole photo...bravo!7/7

Mark Boyer
Wow. Perfect.

Lee Jianmin
Yes! A piece of good art. Excellent!!

Curtis Forrester
Great composition!

Daniel Klar
Stunning Absolutley amazing, great lines and stuning high key effect. ........still in awe, thanks for sharing!

S. M.
I don't know what to say...

J Edwards
Very interesting! Beautiful high key image. I my initial thought was that the eye was too strong and should be cropped out. But I think the it balances out the breasts. Very creative.

Strauch Georges Antoine
Tres jolie ... Belle image et beau traitement.

Carlos Matos
Beautiful. Bravo!!!

Steve O'Neill
yup Not often I'm suprised by a nude but this one is well original. Awesome dude!

Todd Kuhns
the lines in this image are fantastic, very well composed 7/7

marTin Cabo
So Soft........ I'm very conservative and nudes often disturb me, but I have to give you credit for this soft-finesse and feminineness that you achieved, the lines are so simple, they caress me. I'm speechless...........

Uros Kricka
Fantastic idea and even better execution. Bravo!!!

Serge Chriqui
Nailed! This is exquisite - well done! All the very best, Serge

Stephen Galea
I have no words...I have been staring at such image for quite a while now, as i find it to be more then excellent. I cannot explain in words the uniqness of such image, suberb composition which lead the eye to the eye in the corner. Your images are so inspirational, and thus, I have the pleasure to tell you that your are a wonderfull artist with a great vision. Keep up the great work, and be very fond of such image. Cheers GSTEVE From Malta

Dieter Biskamp
grossartig, gratuliere

Max Billder
Very good shot!

Richard Emslie
i think i can confidently say, "this is the best i have ever seen" ...picasso!

Phil Bird
I love this picture..will you please tell me how to do this effect? Keep up the good work.

Tiina Haasma
wow ! Supershot ! 7/7

Wim Ipenburg
7/7 Real great high key image. The sharp contrasted eye is a fantastic addition. Excellent in composition & originality! My compliments!

Armindo Lopes
Outstanding Hi-key!

Jack Blake
very cool, tasteful and beautiful.. excellent!

Adam Sewastianowicz

Dennis Chang
Artistic Nude The picture is beautiful, it is a show of innocent line and bold curve.

tony mitchell
great shot!!!

Timo Hartikainen
Beautiful..very good composition & pose. One of the best nudes I have seen.

Flemming Jepsen

Jack Scown
Wonderful! I love everything about this image. It is a workshop on composition (the use of diagonal lines is intriguing, and I love the crop), one of the best examples of high key photography that I have seen, and it is uncommon. This is a photographic "tour de force". There is much to learn from your image and technique. Thank you for sharing. Well done Sascha!

Baerbel Kavanaugh
Hervorragend! Eines der besten Fotos in der letzten Zeit an PN. 7/7!

Saverio Barchiesi
7/7 Fantastica

Matteo K
No Comment... Only 7/7!

Matthew Menton
Incredible. Original, sexy and eye catching.

Marina Cano

Peter Bukovsky
Very nice photo, inspiring. Beautiful lines and execution. Congratulations.

Maris Ojasuu
I have no Words!!! 7/7

Eduard Lampe
Very, very nice!

Jana Vanourkova
Excellent and original. I love the eye and the breasts balancing the composition. cheers Jana

an excellent picture, lines created by the strong highlights make it a very interesting picture. The eyes are very expressive. Good work!

Philippe Carly
It doesn't get better than this, really!

George Frost
a hint more contrast would have been perfect.

Guy Barnard
Eye-Yi-Yi 7/7

Ninoslav Sohrab
Great Shot! 6/6

Paulo Pampolin
spetacular! Picture of the week

Jan Peter
Simply beautiful high-key photograph!

roger huynh
ambient occlusion quite refreshing. very elegant. i can hang this image as a poster. great job.

Roman Serenko
7/7!!! Brilliant composition!!! I love it a much!

Adolfo Valente
Just perfect

Kevin Nesbitt
WOW...MC Escher meets a brilliant photographer..Very nice play on "The Eye"...all around great,from the lighting to the composition.

Erik Skaar
Oustanding image. Superb composition, lighting, and tonality. Wonderful.

Randall Paul
Simple Idea! but this is a great example of tonal management and I love how you paid attention to the lines as an over al subject of this image. The eye detail is in my opinion again excellent. Something to look at over time. Regards RP

Nathan Ross
Beautiful tones and lines. Great pose and composition. This is an unusually nice nude shot for this website where most of the shots are mindless "glamour" nudes! 6/6

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Wonderful photo!!!

Itai Danan
Fantastic! The suttle tones are well maintained even with this bright image.

Paul Horsley
Great shot, wondreful lines just criss crossing throughout the image and that eye in the corner in contrast against the breast in the opposite corner, well done.

Joey Busse
Very nice, very artistic

Jose Reina
Great Job. Regards: Jose

Keith Marroon
fantastic work simply put...great work.The high key effect along with the flowing simplicity of the body lines and the partially hidden face work to perfection. Congratulations!

Alessandro Travagli
PERFECT Simply..PERFECT at All.Alessandro

Peter Bernik
7/7 Excellent high key nude. Stunning composition.

Jason Williams
Wonderful shot, awesome detail and composition! Great tones!

Kelvin Bernard

Rob Wray
Sascha I see that you are in this months Digital Photo mag. Nice one :)

Mike Chittenden
brilliant lines and composition, just incredible

Felipe Espinosa
Wonderful high-key picture! Composition is great!

A LaCroix
Truly amazing and inspiring. As good as any shot I have ever seen.

remy bourganel
truly amazing looks like a paintng, very graphic composition, great balance and harmony!

Finnur Kári Guðnason
this is honestly one of my all-time favorites!

Gabe Walker
another comment . . .superb!

Levity Snaps
Inspirational ....in every sense of the word.

Manoj Musalei
fantastic composition,good sence of grafics 7/6

Airam G. Q.
fanstastic shot, perfect! 7/7

Jose Pires
Genial! Everything is perfect, but the composition is absolutely amzing, with all those lines and that eye!

antonio de
white beautiful and very well framed - the eye, the arms and the breasts. Congratulations antonio

Lucio Virzi'
Astonishing 7/7. LuVi

Tamara L.

Neville Fernandes
how did u take this picture...its amazing..is the model painted white...is there any photoshop effects involved...its stunningly beautiful

Colin Vincent
wow phenominal image. the best nude i've seen in a long time. very, very unique. excellent work.

Cynthia Lee Maris
sascha Wow! Beautiful photo. Peace, C.

Brilliantly executed. 7/7

spomenka kuculovska
words...?! what for!

Harpreet Makkar
Great Its B E A U T I F U L!!!!

Leon Forado
congratulation is fantastic

Ali Bagherzadeh
Very nice white color and dark line

Best Regards

Tatjana Adizes
Wow!!! Perfection!!! 7/7

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Chandra Ganne
Wow Just stunning........no words to describe. CG

Glenn Wainman
Brilliant Sascha: I come here for education and inspiration and you have provided it all in this image. Thak you 7+7+7

Adam Firth
Awesome Really, really, well done as all of the comment here show. I wish I had this shot in my portfolio.

Rick Fisher
awesome, can I get a 10x10 museum mount?

John Drescher
An absolutely beautifully composed picture. What a feast for the senses. The choice of brightness and contrast all fit so well. Having the model looking with her eye helps intrigue us into wondering what she's thinking. Is she allowing us to view her? or is she shying away? Wow. a photograph such as this doesn't come our way very often. Thank you for the treat! Cheers;) JOhn

Raymond Elstad
Hello Sascha, What a wonderful high key image! I've been an fan of yours for some time. You are very talented and inspirational. Thanks for sharing your work with us all. Cheers, Raymond

Olga Kont
Fantastic !!!!!!!

Nicole York
absolutely beautiful in every aspect! she looks like porcelein. It reminds me of relief work, fantastic! 7/7

Michael Riley
Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trudy Loosman
I just adore you're work Sascha! Keep it up!

Jed Wormhoudt
eyekey Splendid, splendid! Such gorgeous use of the light and shape! Is it possible to purchase a print? or perhaps a full sized tiff? with regard, Jed Wormhoudt

pouria Panahi
the best 7/7

Scott La Bella
I am absolutely amazed by this shot. Is this altered by photoshop? If not then do you need an aprentice? lol great job

Rolando De la Fuente
Jezzzzzzzzzz! Wao! Fantastique!

Afshin Azizi
7/7 Awesome High Key.

Nicholas Travers
an amazing composition of curves and lines. with the eye emerging from it all. wonderfull

Raymond Borg
Just an excellent eye catching photo. Well done.

Mladen Kraljevic
Excellent ! Bravo!

Kombizz Kashani
7/7 great composition & more

Tomek Gooseberry
benchmark... ...to measure against

Galane Luo
Hi Sascha!

This is simply perfect..

Johnathan Aulabaugh

Incredible image Sascha

simply stunning!

Goran Stefanovski


David Slee


Tomek Gooseberry
"Good artists borrow, great artists steal" [Pablo Picasso]

Goran Stefanovski wrote:

Not as good, but not bad either, and properly captioned...

This is, of course, a tribute to Sascha Hüttenhain :)

...so it's a nice tribute!

If I ever manage to create something similar (and I'm a shameless copycat ;)  I'll be sure to post a link here.

Giuseppe Sarcinella

this is not one photo... Is one superbe and wonderful and the best image that I ave seen.


Su dawen

the most beauty nude picture i have ever seen !!!

Gerald Cafferty

Without a doubt the best nude photo on this site.

Sascha Hüttenhain
- eyekey - - eyekey -

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