Another 8 seconds

by Gordley James

another seconds seeking critique gordley james

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Category: Studio

Published: Wednesday 28th of December 2005 11:04:50 PM


James Gordley
Ideas There can be no doubts about the amazing amount of talent and inspiration found on PN. So many people capturing so many images and sharing them with everyone. Nothing but good could come from that. Thank you everyone for your comments and your time. Keep those shutters flaping and keep up loading those images. We all have so much to learn.

Alin Balanean
I've tryed this too,but with not so good results like yours. Nice effects!

Peter Bukovsky
This is so cool :) I am gona try it too sometimes. This site is excellent source for ideas isn't it? I love yours idea. Very original.

Andy Glogower
James, this is a very creative shot. Thanks for taking and sharing it.

James Gordley
Another 8 seconds Just passing some time.. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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