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Published: Wednesday 28th of December 2005 11:58:21 AM


Michael Watkins
you are without a doubt one of the best photographers i have ever seen. it has been my pleasure to view your postings over the past year. thank you.

Fausto Roim
very lighting!! I love your work.

Jack Fitzgerald
She looks very skilful at breaking ice :) Congrats, lovely photo!

Buzz Ellington
Ice breaking tip ... interesting and funny.

Milan Krepelka
very, very good

ken osborn
Now she should have had the role of the Queen in Chronicles of Narnia! Well done. Mister Ken

peter gustafson
thats just impresive!

Manuel Álvarez-Arenas Bayo
Nice, aesthetic photo.

Michael Allmaier
cool... very good idea very well done... great work. regards

Palmi Einarsson
Very nice as always Igor.

Ninoslav Sohrab
Great Shot! 6/6

Erik Skaar
Can't imagine the setup required for this. Nice timing, exposure, and interesting subject.

Igor Amelkovich
ICE QUEEN # 11 She prefers the greater ice breaker!

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