by Gordley James

solitude seeking critique gordley james

Gallery: Black & White

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Category: Landscape

Published: Wednesday 28th of December 2005 03:43:08 AM


Nick Karagiaouroglou
Kind of a natural sculpure Very nice, James! All that finest details between black and white on the tree and the fact that it presents itself standing alone on the white field - both make it to an eye catcher!

Julius Grocholski
Greetings JimG from, you might recall the SN- juufa72. This is me. Now about this photograph. I believe that, surprisingly, this is one of your top five photos. Because of the simplicity of the black and white and of the subject. Too bad that there are woods behind the tree. It would be a lot more interesting if the picture was: Snow-covered land, sky, and tree. Regards. -JG

James Gordley
Solitude In the middle of a field this lone pine tree stands in solitude. Your comments are always welcome and most appreciated.

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