ambition 1

by Siro Anton Seth

ambition nikon af s ed mm fdif san disk ultra mb siro anton seth


Tags: nikon af-s ed 17-35mm f28dif ambition san disk ultra 512 mb san disk ultra 512 mb kodak dcs14n seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Monday 26th of December 2005 05:22:57 PM


brian fulham
7/7 Superb. Strange, for some reason, I cannot rate your photo.

catastrophy Broadcast
surealisme The quality is good the image seem interresting but too sad ! always in your work this surrealism aspect that we call in France " surr顬isme mal dig鲩" i will have done this and cutting the head to make it without time... althought Degas have known as to do with the faces. also the treatment is too artistic. TOO ARTISTIC KILLS ART. Wanting to proove proove nothing. But is your style. A lot of talent but not enough power and distance on this talent. Take this image, cut the headcut the legs just after the handtake out the black part to resize it and you ll have a very strong image based on the very strange and curiuos rigth breast. In fact this rigth breast is the real word of this image. ( scuse my english! please)

Hekate Hek
excellent concept, perfect execution !! the blood-coloured wall completes the "scene"

Seth Siro Anton
ambition 1 thanx

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