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by Peri John

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 25th of December 2005 03:55:34 PM


John Peri
I think that you are all in a festive Christmas mood my friends! Thanks anyway, though of course it is nice to hear. One thing for certain however, I would have to change my attitude and start to give more attention to the technical side which I know very little about :-) At any rate, I have learned a lot here on PN and continue to all the time.

John Peri
Well, thank you once again David :-)

John Peri
David B. Thank you very much. You must have gone to considerable effort to do that. I think that your version is very interesting. David C. You are humouring me of course, but I do enjoy not only the photography, but also the interaction on these pages. I don't take either too seriously of course :-)

John Peri
Don't misunderstand me David, I certainly do like it. I'm working on my own version!

Jack Fitzgerald
Lovely pose! Best, Jack

David Cochran
John, I am still in awe of your great work. I still believe that your nude work will be part of photographic history. peace

Arthur Baas
I agree with David. Your work deserves hanging in a gallery. There are some famous 'Erotic Photographers' in the world, you could easily join them.

David Blair
The pose is excellent, very relaxed yet beautifully formed and lit. For me though John, my eye is pulled around the frame due to the detail. It does look great there, and the image would look much flatter without it, but I feel it needs a little less emphasis upon it. I have taken the liberty, I hope you dont mind, just to explain what I mean.

David Cochran
Seriously John. Your nudes are, well, Perie's. Your taste, eros, respect and beauty are unique and need to be exposed in print. peace

David Blair
It is made easier when starting out with a good image with a wonderful view :-). I like your casual use of the term "interesting"! If you dont like it, you can speak out loud. The happy pills have kicked in, and I dont fall apart anymore! :-)

Bodyline Photos
Re David Blairs version John, I like both versions as they both tell a completely different story. Amazing when you consider that the post work can create different moods. If I were to choose then your original would be mine as it places the model in her lonely cottage surroundings

John Peri
Nude figure on steps Window light with a little fill in flash added, bounced off the ceiling.

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