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Published: Saturday 24th of December 2005 05:04:37 PM


John Peri
Kevin, that's very well put and particularly observant of you. I do indeed like to photograph intelligent young women that challenge the viewer. The mind is a powerful tool that can surpass the physique in it's appeal. Now, when the two are combined in a photo ....

Jeff Moody
Very Sofia Loren-ish. Classy, not erotic really...hmmm...sensual. Yeah, I think that's a more appropriate word. I like the corner setting with it's stark white door and mouldings off set by the black sweater and pants. The pose is actually quite nice. However, her "gaze" throws me off (I've never tried, but must be THE toughest part of posing etc... Where should they look and how to do it to appear "natural"?). My personal taste might've been more of a "lost" gaze to the lower left corner of the frame (who knows, not having seen it, maybe it wouldn't have worked either). Anyway, FANTASTIC model as always & beautiful image as always as well. No wonder you stay on top of the list of those who people mark as "interesting". An inspiration to us all. Merry x-mas, I'm now officially done with the brown-nose session :-)

Peter Meade
Hello John, it was well worth the visit for this shot. Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Pete

John Peri
Many thanks Peter, to you too.

John Peri
Sophia Loren, yes the photo does have a resemblance? .. .. my favourite italian model/actress actually was Laura Antonelli :-) ..

Jeff Moody
Since we're all now WELL off topic, will have to look into those two "choices", but beyond Sophia, I've always been particular to Manuela Arcuri and Maria Cucinotta Gracia

Arthur Baas
-Merry Christmas John, my compliments for the photo & also to the model. My favorite actress/dancer/model is Emanuelle Seigner, though she's not that good, but she has 'it'

John Peri
Ha, thanks Jeff for this lengthy analysis. I too had a little trouble with the direction of the look actually, and though I do have one with the "lost gaze" also, the model prefers this one. I respect her choice. She describes it as playful, which is charming, I think it's elegant and artistic too, so congratulations to her! Merry Christmas to you also.

John Peri
This has turned into a very funny thread! Hope you all like the photo too :-) ... Happy Christmas, John

Paul Louis Villani
Beautiful model and a nice capture! Well done!

Isaac Madera

kevin farrell
Can I please put in a word for Monica Bellucci? Arthur, two thumbs up for Emmanuelle Seigner, moi aussi! John, This caught my eye. I agree with the others, the model has a euro look that is appealing. Like the executive you posted earlier, she challenges the viewer. Powerful girls who seem like they are winning! Like the look you are getting with the black and white.

Beepy .
I liked the photo a lot - but it was interesting to read the comments - the Sophia Loren reference readjusted my take on the image and stuck me there. Interesting. And I still like the photo.

John Peri
Thank you David. In fact, I had just moved to digital.

David Lee
this woman in in my opinion the most beautiful you have posted in your page. love the shot. is this actually b&w film or digital ?

John Peri
Photo session cont., A study in black and white, texture and expression.

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