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by Siro Anton Seth

expectation i copyright all rights reserved wwwset nikon mm f dc defocus san di siro anton seth


Tags: copyright expectation nikon 105mm f20 dc defocus san disk ultra 512 mb san disk ultra 512 mb kodak dcs14n wwwseth-designcom reserved rights seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 24th of December 2005 03:52:55 AM


Al Magnus
At last At last something to put under my teeth on the first page.

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente, un trabajo altamente cualificado, tecnica perfecta, un cordial saludo Siro..

Gianluca Nespoli

Peter Bukovsky
Interesting idea. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it is done very nicely. Good work.

Herman Talvitie
This is, clearly, an artistic piece. This one isn't a photograph, clearly, but still art. To be more exact, digital art. Art is art. Anyway, you clearly have a style of your own, and you have got a good control of it. You have, so to speak, found it in you. This picture/art piece, isn't in my liking, but it doesn't make it less valuable. Just want to congratulate you for finding your "thing" inside of you. It's something that isn't always the easiest thing.

Emrah Icten

Manuel Álvarez-Arenas Bayo
Nice, strong conceptual work.

Adam Sewastianowicz

Andrew Smith
excelent! Hi! Brethless! U know i like your portofolio... Best regards, Vincent from Romania

Erick Boileau
it remembers me of Giacometti

Marino Thorlacius
! Your style is flawless man!

Martin Alston
Reminds me of Joel-Peter Witkin. I like stuff out of the ordinary but he one one sick dude, but very creative.

George Koutsilieris

Seth Siro Anton
Expectation I thanks

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