Upper Caney Falls - Grayscale Conversion #2

by Szulecki Joshua

upper caney falls grayscale conversion seeking critique szulecki joshua

Gallery: Waterfalls and Flowing Water

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Friday 23rd of December 2005 11:01:20 PM


Len Marriott
Good Camera Angle ! Joshua, I like the camera angle here and the fact that you eliminated, with your framing, any sky area which would surely be a visual distraction. The rocks, lower left do a great job of preventing that area from becoming a totally black hole. Soft lighting was your friend and the chosen exposure time allowed the falling water to take on the look of a translucent curtain. Nice job on one of my favourite types of scenes. Best, LM.

Sondra Kicklighter
I like this image better, closer shot. 6/6

Karl Schuler
The composition of this photo is excellent. On my screen the details in the dark parts are lost. But I guess in a good print they would be visible. Karl

Joshua Szulecki
Upper Caney Falls - Grayscale Conversion #2 Trying this one out in shades of gray as well. Let me know what you think.

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