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by Peri John

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Gallery: Street photography ... or faces in the crowd

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Published: Saturday 17th of December 2005 03:56:31 PM


John Peri
Well Jim, I think that you have mentioned the two principle ingredients here which are fun and friendship. I think that for a non-professional photographer, that is what it is all about. Personally, I have met several young ladies in cafes/restaurants that I have photographed. In addition to "having fun", they are all friends now. I never spoke to the one above unfortunately, she was not alone at table ... but she eyed my camera with interest and amusement and she smiled at me frequently, particularly after I took this shot of her!

Brad Kim
This is funny, John.... I like it.

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
John... I wonder all of the time... couples that do not speak, or argue, this is great...she has no idea how she looks to others, caught by your camera...well done !

Jim Hayes
John I only hope that you enter this public style of photography with great care. I say this because when I did my club series that the comments here at photo.net were quick to point out that I had created a whole new catagory. The "dirty old man, voyeuristic cell phone photos," catagory. My only disappointment being that I thought they could have at least recognised the fact that it was "high resolution-dirty old man, voyeuristic cell phone photography." Of course I didn't share with them the big secret, of how many wonderful new friends one can meet via the lens. The one thing I have found in common between what I think are the best of the best here at Photo.net is while they might have different styles, they all have fun with their work. JH

John Peri
People watching - a national pastime I often wonder what goes on in people's minds when they sit in a cafe ..... PLEASE DO NOT RATE

Howard Dion
John: Really great candid shot. Spontaneity comes to mind.

Mike Palermiti

Hi John,

Fabulous shot !

I can allow my mind to imagine the interesting thoughts or recollections that this young lady is thinking about.

By the way, I usually meet wonderful woman on the beach, and later they become models for me.

Only one time at a restaurant , I asked the waitress if she would model for me. We had several  good photo sessions before she went back to college.

I will start to frequent the coffee shop more often.

Best Regards,  Mike

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